Hey everyone, forgot to mention on this thread that I’ve updated the Help and Guides thread if anyone needs it. If you want to not be spoiled by the main content and just want to see the Unlocks, Disguises or Points of Interest Items and their locations, be sure to check the 2nd post where you can select each item and reveal their location. :slight_smile:


I have been meaning to do this and I think I will try it now. He walks near a fire extinguisher under a desk near where he blows up the safe i’m not sure if you can get a shot on it though. It sucks you have to use the sniper with no zoom because of having no silencer my aim is terrible.


You dont need to open the gas canister to snipe Penelope.
I blasted the gas canister just using 1 bullet from Jaeger 7 Silenced.

you might be able to snipe-accident Rose from the water tower by shooting at the bomb (which he testing), but I haven’t try it myself.


I thought SA/SO was pretty easy on this level compared to Bangkok. I went the String Quartet route and its very doable.


At least the White House level in BM was very restrictive if you tried to play it SO. Never actually did it but I guess you either have to rely on a lot of coin distractions or AI exploiting.

Anyway, the level was released about a day ago. People still trying to explore the map and trying different approaches. It may be a bit too early to call SO too hard. Let’s wait a few days and give the people some time. Maybe it’s easier than you thought.

As for Bangkok: I’m not really a SO player but I still managed to complete Bangkok with SO/SA. Based on my own experiences and some Let’s Play videos I’ve seen. You can do it without using any distractions. You just need a silenced pistol, leathal poison and the breaching charge.


How the hell do you shoot the lawn mower with the silenced sniper I cant see it at all.


Yes the white house level was definitely difficult to do SO and I never bothered doing it when I played that game but it was easy to actually leave in your suit though.

I’m not too bothered about Suit Only on this level. I will do it to get the achievement but I like to also do realistic playthroughs which for me requires me to leave in the suit/default gear. At the moment I am trying to do a run which gets 47 to the basement whilst starting with only the default gear. This way I can knockout the militia guy there and take his disguise and then I will easily be able to get changed back into the suit at the end of the mission.

The way I am doing it at the moment is:-

  • Sneaking into the compound and around to the right behind the slurry pit to Ezra’s shed
  • Knocking out the guy outside Ezra’s shed and hiding his body
  • Turning off the power box on the shed then climbing in through the window, grabbing the basement key and climbing back out
  • Sneak through the graveyard and around the back to where the guys are doing pushups

THIS is where it gets hard because there doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to sneak across the back garden. I think if IO would have actually used their brains for once then they could’ve made it so that when the soldiers are doing press ups you can sneak across without them seeing you whilst they are looking at the floor, unfortunately they can see you.


in the very begining of rose route when he quit the house he walks near a car, im quite sure this car can also be chained with a gas canister which is very close to it. when he is in the test site he stands right near FE, and the npcs convenintly move to let you get him blown alone. no sure about sniper angles for these but im sure its doable, gonna test it tonight myself too


Thanks Quine. I will take a look now.


`Cob is an amputee?

That was not expected. Did we know this before?


Has anyone taken out every NPC yet?
I counted 130, except for the drugged guy in the basement.

I’m assuming 131 is the max. (132 including Agent 47).
Pretty sure I didnt miss anyone since I ran around with a shotgun at the end, no ‘searching’ status appeared.


Who the F is this guy! He knows 47 better then anyone!!?!?!?!??!


Aw crap, is it really not possible? To be honest, I hadn’t done it with a sniper rifle; I did it with a pistol from the house roof and assumed the angles would work out with the rifle. I’m surprised they don’t! Sorry for the misinformation.


I think I came at the house from the other side. There’s a broken down fence which you can pass through. If you wait for the guards in the area to turn their backs, you can sneak in through a window that leads to the server room. Once you figure it out, sneaking into the house is easy enough.

There’s actually only 1 or 2 guards on that side of the house so I’m pretty sure you could actually get down the outside stairs to the basement with a little bit of patience.


After Rose meets with Parvati, he leaves via the barn front entrance. So he could be hit with the hay bale and Parvati could be lit on fire.


Also you can kill parvati with haybale and you can kill them both with ramp


The main annoyance for me is I feel like i’m waiting forever for some of these opportunities to come up depending on where I start etc.


i know parvati could be lit with fire, but it’s impossible to blow up the fuel tank using sniper rifle without tampering it first.
i tried shoot it from water tower using both silenced and lancer, and it wont burn.
i got it once burn using lancer, but i have to zoom twice to be able to shot the pipe and even then i got caught because of the gunshot sound.

on the other hand, gas tank for penelope could be blown by 1 shot from silenced jaeger 7.


I gotta say I’m loving the New RS-15. Finally a realistic looking weapon.


I shot the gas tank and it blew up like five minutes later randomly :grin:.