That sounds like you maybe figured out how to puncture the gas tank and it left a leak. There’s a technician who smokes next to it and will blow it up if it’s leaking. It’d seem like it randomly blew up. Good news if true. Maybe a shot right to the spigot causes a leak.

I’m not sure that the leaves blocking the view to the lawn mower would actually stop bullets, so the Ezra kill might still be possible… though it also might be hugely untenable. You’d either have to blindly shoot the mower tank to cause a leak and then blindly shoot the gas slick, or you’d have to prep it with a shot to spill the gasoline.


I shot the top of the tank so maybe I shot like the valve or something and that makes it leak rather than explode.


The RAM accident is one of the coolest accident ever!


Shoot the valve, it WILL leak



I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the “oomph” sound effect when you kill someone with a gunshot is gone now. Shooting people is more satisfying now just hearing the bullet impact. @Travis_IOI When are we going to get a visible wire with new animation?

I really enjoyed the level. Spent hours playing my first run, loading and reloading saves because I kept fucking up. In the end I wound up with a 1/5 rating anyway.


Can someone tell me if this is a bug?
So i killed targets in accidents:
Sean Rose: Explosive watch
Penelope Graves: Chandlier
Ezra Berg: Lawn mower
Maya Parvati: Burning Fuel tank
I completed the mission and i got score 4/5because bodyfound😑 Can someone explain this



IO is seriously taking the piss with voice acting. First, American accents in Italy, Bangkok and Paris and now British accents galore in America. What next? Russian accents in Japan?


Explosive watch is not counted as accident as far as I know


Yes it is because game says it Accident Kill


yeah I noticed that.

You know it almost came across as spiteful.


People complain about not enough voice actors.

IO adds voice actors.

People complain about these voice actors being British.


Most of them are American, only found a few with British accent. But yes, there is a reason why there is a saying, that people can’t be pleased.


I think they have changed the aim mechanism, seems more straight forward now, I like it a lot. This was actually up for debate before game release, good thing they changed it. He’s twisting his upper body, instead of only putting his arm out like before. Good stuff.


I’m pretty sure that a large group of militia, gathered on a remote farm in America, doesn’t necessarily mean that they all have to speak with an American accent!

Penelope (was I close? Nah… well the girl with the old Interpol connections) was flown in and even changed airports twice just to get there. Which goes to show that multiple accents are to be expected.

And it’s not all British accents! I heard just as much American as I heard British! :open_hands:


Penelope Graves: Heidi Santoro’s VA

Ezra Berg: Wes Liston’s VA

Maya Parvati: Dexy Barat’s VA


RIP Jordan, he followed Wes’ advice and took five :cry:


Get rid of the bodyguard Kurts voice actor please! His voice is so recognizable! he always say Hey.


I was able to do that pretty easily- poison helps a lot with it.


I’m not complaining about why they’re British (I’m British myself) I’m just stating how IO is “trolling” us by reversing the accents. I’m sure if IO can’t find voice actors maybe they could ask the forum and the SE forums for volunteers, if I was IO I’d do that I’m sure there are plenty of people willing to help out. I wouldn’t mind helping out myself and no money needed. Voice acting isn’t that big for me unless it is a main character (Bateson did a great job) so you can have Russian sounding Japanese people for all I care, just make sure the main characters sound good, I’m not stalking my target to hear them discuss the football match last night but to pop a bullet in their head and get paid.