Yeah, I don’t think it’s a big deal that most of the NPCs in America are inexplicably British. They at least managed to give American accents to the NPCs who have to be American (like the guy complaining that the militia has ruined his family’s house). But given that everyone thought that the voices would finally match the environment in Colorado, I think it’s hilarious that even this episode widely missed the mark.

Not giving Sean Rose an Australian accent really is bad though. I expect more from the main targets.


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Help 0e I ae trapped inside a Cardbr� b7x

Help me I am trapped inside a Cardboard box.


You cut everything out so we don’t really know if this is the fastest. Still, nice tactics.


I would just say that the range of the militia is specific people chosen from across the world to be in this secret militia.


Can you use the scrambler to bypass the biometric scanner?


@Abfirstr8 - I doubt it since there is nowhere to swipe.


fastest means about video duration, i just put key scenes in this video. thanks for watching


Anyone know how to kill the hostage apparently there is two ways according to Morten i’m not convinved. The overdose does not kill him, there is no option to add poison and the Tac-4 and lancer do not pierce the glass. I even checked in the tornado shelter but nope nothing in there and there is no way into his room which was a stupid idea by the way IO.


Why do you wish to kill this man?


Well one because Morten said you could and I am curious as to these two methods as I can’t even find one and two because he was part of a contract I was trying to make.


Because printing the 3D mask is too mainstream.

"I wonder if…"

"Goddammit Sean, what did you have for breakfast?"

"Just a little bit more."

"Nailed it."


The only other possibility I can think of is somehow manipulating Ezra Berg into killing him. Maybe if you continually mess with his dosage? I haven’t seen what happens if you mess with his dosage but then don’t kill Ezra after he runs back to the garage.


You can only mess with the dosage once as far as I know. I have googled and found nothing really hoping that someone finds a way its annoying me.


No no no! Don’t say that. The quick fix is more triggers!! We no lo needo those


Question. I did the watch boom thing and Sean was magically in the correct spot when I got to the place you need to go at the end (trying to keep spoilers out). Is this a trigger? Or did I just get lucky not having to wait on him?


Sean removes his watch in a couple of places (at least that I know of), his room and a small barn near the explosive tests. But I have never seen him in the place you need to be at the end. Maybe he saw you going in there and followed?


i had a nice find, it might be known, in this map i noticed there are those barrels with fire in them, like for heating not the ones you set accident with. so, i had a contract to kill 2 guys sitting next to one of those barrels, i just throw propane right next to it, it leaked because of the throw, and exploded by itself because of the barrel. so obviously can be remote accident for smokers and people near those barrels, without BC or shooting it. i think its cool :slight_smile:
edit: one note, i remember gule saying it a long time ago, and not sure how it works now, but after you throw propane and it leaks, you cant pick it up and than drop it leaking. you must make it leak again if you pick it up.


Did you try explosives on the window?


Yeah I tried the remote C4 and nothing i’m lost I tried everything I could think of.


The funny thing is, if the Lancer wasn’t nerfed you could probably shoot him through the glass or even through the wall in the tornado room.

I wonder if there are any geometry glitches around the window pane or door that let you place the explosive just inside the room through a gap or something.