My first Suit Only Silent Assassin run of Colorado


You are right, it might not have been that clear that i was being sarcastic. However i tried to explain it, but he didn’t seem to care and carried on his rant. But yes the forum is tense at the moment.


Considering the 4 main members of the militia are Australian, Sri Lankan, Israeli and British, I don’t find it all that strange that there’s other multinational people among them too.


Also isn’t the shadow client British?


If he is a Brother of 47 He is Romania


alleged brother, we still don’t know 100%


IF haha :yum:


Oh there was an “if” i seems to have skipped that part, you read what you want to read :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone know of another crowbar in the mission? The two that I know of are:-

  1. Near the start, outside of one of the front gates on the back of a truck on the outer perimeter along a path to the right of where you start

  2. On the back of the limo used in the training exercise

Are there any others? I need one for my suit only run I’m working on.


There is on the table with the guns in the red barn too.


Cheers Reaper I found that one since my last message. Seems about the best one available on my route.

I am trying to do a run that lets you wire all targets in the suit only with the default starting gear only. I can get the first 3 but Rose keeps slipping out of the house just as I get there meaning I have to wait a long time for him to get back :slight_frown:


That’s cool, but I was more wondering along the lines of a cinematic kill - something clever, like using his own drugs against him, or something to do with his mask. Seems like wasted opportunities.


I would not be surprised if over half of the NPCs in Colorado were British or Australian. It certainly feels like it.

Except for the one confirmed Australian on the map: Sean Rose. He gets an American accent.

It’s honestly not a big deal and it doesn’t bring the game down. But in all the other episodes I thought I understood why they were avoiding local accents and it made a kind of sense to me. This is the level that made me realize: oh, the accents in this game really are batshit crazy and no one gives a fuck about making them remotely sensical.

(Again: I’m bemused, not upset.)


Can’t confirm right now, but I think I remember one amidst the moving trucks between the house and the shooting range. On the orchard end, not the garage end. Maybe I’m wrong and it’s a wrench or something, but I think it’s a crowbar.

Edit: Yup, just checked and it’s a crowbar. Not really SO accessible though.


Wicker Man Feat is completed


There’s one near the elite disguise


Check out my way to kill Maya in accident! lol


So, in terms of general design I like this mission a LOT. It’s not the best one in this respect, but it’s up there.

I have to reiterate though, that I think the fix escape point is a massive downside to the mission. It hugely lessens the replay value, and is frustrating since I know the other escapes are there. It was a terrible decision to do it this way.
I would basically have the storm cellar accessible at all times, so you can make the discovery whenever. 47 wouldn’t break the mission anyways, since he must have been promised payment by the ICA to kill these people and they’re unlikely to deny him this.
This quite seriously should be patched somehow.

I also find it weird that there’s two masks in the mission and none of them are wearable. In a game that is predominantly about disguises that quite frankly just strikes me as a confusing decision. Sean Rose is almost bald anyways, and Ezra Berg’s mask could inlcude a wig.

Anyways, I am impressed by all the stuff in the level and how it all works.There’s some great blending spots and the disguise gameplay works almost perfectly.
Some of the puzzles are truly satisfying (while a few others have all the pieces placed right next to them, like putting nitroglycerin in Ezra Berg’s gel, and opening the gas canister with a wrench, which feels less satisfying).

Added by Edit:I was confused about the nitroglycerin thing. Disregard. Still true about using the wrench in the garage though.


Nitroglycerin in Ezra’s gel? O_o


There’s a challenge related to overpowering some kind of gel Ezra is experimenting with in the garage if I’m not mistaken. The nitoglycerin is on a shelf in the very same garage.