Interesting! Never even noticed. You’re not confusing it with Rose’s nitroglycerin bomb test are ya? Been looking for an interesting way to kill Berg, as everything I’ve done has been very standard concerning his assassination


You protably mean explotion accident in carage


Nope. I did them both in the same go.I might be getting some details wrong though, everything just sort of blends in my head. :wink:

EDIT: I super confused myself. This is just the kill on Sean Rose.


I hope it works. For a well-written character he sure got some mediocre assassinations -_-


Sorry man. I messed up.

I mixed it up because there’s both a feat challenge and an assassination challenge.


Haha damn :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, garrotting will have to do


So here’s a pisser: If you turn on the TV inside the house, the guards magically become suspicious of you.


I see your point about the storm cellar exit, but once you’re inside some important things regarding the story are revealed. Dramaturgically it makes more sense to only enter the place after you’ve done everything else.

Besides, once the ICA learns that Soders, the guy who pushed the board of directors to kill the militia leaders, is a spy for the Not-Illuminati the ICA could as well decide to abort the mission until they know what’s really going on. 47 wouldn’t really care either because he’s going to get payed anyway.

That you couldn’t disguises as Erza is a shame, although I expected that. Seems like they don’t want to give you outfits from targets. I’m still sad that r47 couldn’t take the Icon armor from Dino. Being able to disguises yourself as Berg could’ve lead to some very interesting assassination opportunities.


I really don’t think story should compromise gameplay. Especially not in a gameplay driven game like Hitman. But even so, I don’t think it would require large changes to at least make sense.



Haha it was an “accident” nice another easy way to kill her thanks. @Kent[quote=“Kent, post:1466, topic:10007”]
I also find it weird that there’s two masks in the mission and none of them are wearable. In a game that is predominantly about disguises that quite frankly just strikes me as a confusing decision. Sean Rose is almost bald anyways, and Ezra Berg’s mask could inlcude a wig.

I know right my thoughts exactly it would have been really cool if you could disguise as both of them and I also agree about the exit.


I’ve had an absolute blast with this new level in Hitman. It’s returned a lot of ‘fun’ where it felt lacking in the last two levels IMO. Maybe I’m twisting fun with tension but I’ve really enjoyed stalking the targets through the different regions in the compound and trying to work out who can go where and which disguise will be noticed etc

Chaining together the kills is also something that seems more ‘organic’ in this level, in as much as I thought, can I do that? and then went about setting them all up and getting that sense of accomplishment when it all comes together :slight_smile:
(That said, to be the devil’s advocate to myself, why they don’t lock down the other targets when there are ‘accidents’ I’ll never know :smiley: )

I’m thinking about the ideal setup for chaining together kills and I’m not even fussed about restarting the level. Maybe that’s because it’s not all that spread out, running around Marrakesh was getting grating, from the school to the Embassy to the cafe etc.

Has this one level changed anyone else’s ideas about the recent trend in level quality?

EDIT: Spelling


Yeah that was quite annoying, I love this level its my favourite one yet I liked Bangkok but the lack of things like pool and elevators etc was very disappointing to say the least.


Best escape in Colorado: Quack bike​:slight_smile:.


Turning on a TV is a federal crime


Then I had better stay in the house today!


I kinda hope that we get an Ezra Berg outfit unlockable for use in other missions. One that makes everyone outside of Colorado hostile to you wherever you go. Then we can be a scary Michael Myers anywhere.


Any news from this morning’s stream?

7 AM is too hard for me sometimes.


First you complain about monotony in voice acting. Then when they bring variation you complain about logical accent according to location? What’s next. Will you complain everyone speaking in english in japan instead of japanese?


Where do you get key for the quad bike anyway? Haven’t been able to find it yet.