But set aside the mission. Bangkok has multiple targets that are quite fun, Colorado does too. Yet the complexity of the design beyond the mission for Bangkok isn’t too bad: the pathing is there, there are ways up there (disguises, actions, etc.), and it’s fine. Colorado? You have to more or less repeat the mission actions in every way.

Yes, if you look at it from a really simple point of view all of them are like that, but if you made a stalker contract it’s easier to get to him than Jordan (having a hard story target is fine, really). But if you mark out almost anyone in Colorado you have to go through the same steps you would for a story target – the other areas are just as non-viable as the main.

Sapienza, Marrakesh, and Paris, are all like Bangkok: the choice is wider. Colorado isn’t a difficult mission, it’s a level with needless patches of linear behaviour which could have been overcome by tweaking a few things. Sadly, tweaking the wrong things would oversimplify other levels, just as tweaking towards it could (has?) hurt them.

(Hell, the training missions are less linear than Colorado.)


Funny how the silo from the old Colorado concept art can be seen in the rifle scope during the final cutscene.


The haybales and clouds and collors are all the same so it also believe its a real artwork…





@Spods wasn’t kidding you really did post this everywhere :sweat_smile:.


Haha yeah… Got carried away, sorry about that. I was just really excited to find that out and wanted to share so everyone could see lol my bad :hugs:


What did you find out? I am not getting any clue from the image.


…Another way to kill the prisoner in Colorado :expressionless:


Well. You are late to the party.


Yeah well, I just found out so…


:+1: 20…


I’m actually pretty stoked that I’ve barely even touched EP5. I played it twice, got to Mastery 15 somehow in those two play throughs, spent forty hours getting my masteries back to 20 on the other four maps, then uninstalled the game.

I’m stoked to go back to it soon, but for now, it makes the wait for the new content much easier knowing I’ve already got a slice of content waiting for me.

My main complaint, like @Kent said above and I mentioned on EP5’s release day, tying gameplay elements to the narrative is an awful decision. Sapienza is like a good donut that’s got mold on ten percent of it. It’s why I will never, ever complete Sapienza again. I love the sandbox, but the fact that they didn’t put Francesa in the bio lab, which would promote exploration and maintain that sense of awe that comes from exploring without crushing it under the weight of forced gameplay elements outside of the assassination fantasy is a bummer. In this episode, they really needed to have one of the targets go in and out of the spoiler room every five minutes or so. That way it fits into the Hitman fantasy, made the exploration rewarding, and maybe even there could have been a cool opportunity attached.

It really feels like there’s a ball and chain you’re dragging to the finish line after having proudly sprinted through the majority of the race.


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She actually go to bio lab:)


Of course, I meant it would’ve been nice if that was her natural habitat. It would’ve made me spend more time down there. Just feels like a tiny bit of a waste, especially when the rest of the “Sapienza experience” is killer.


What about Tornado Shelder in Basement?


I would’ve liked to see it integrated into the assassination fantasy, not as an objective that feels like it’s from another game, or tacked on in order to facilitate the narrative.

Like… Imagine having some last words with Ezra Berg in that room before killing him like you did with Jordan Cross.

I really, really like the biolab and the tornado shelter, I just feel they could have melded better with the game’s overall vision of being a stealth/action/assassination experience.


Somehow Freedom Fighters remind me of Nuristan Rebels from Hitman 2😂


My “story” run.

PS: Sean Rose’s body is used on the bio-metric scanner to gain access to the tornado shelter.