And At the gates is worst than Hidden valley in my option


Yeah I hate it too. Really…weird behaviour.


I waited like half an hour, and gave up. I don’t have time for this bullshit. :unamused:

That makes it even worse. :sweat_smile:


This guy had really good patience


Actually, don’t know if you’re aware, but I mentioned this a about a week ago…

If you are disgusted as a militia and ‘blend in’ using the “pencil and clipboard” and then LET Patrick’s men come to you…

When they finally give up and walk away, exit ‘blending in’ and then their ability to be enforcers will disappear and none of them will be suspicious of you.

They will however, still follow you unfortunately :confused: But at least now they won’t blow your cover…


I wonder if there is some logic here or if it’s just a glitch.


Most likely it’s just a glitch…
Will probably get fixed in a future patch. I’m hoping not because that ‘glitch’ actually makes that contract somewhat playable, so I hope it stays. Either that, or make it where they don’t CONSTANTLY follow, 47.


Since Episode 6 is releasing, I’ve decided to do Sniper Assassin of Episode 5, and will post all the other ones eventually. Hopefully the gameplay mechanics don’t drastically change.

Thanks for watching. :smile:


Imagine this mission, where you had to kill the original farmer,(maybe some sort of murderer )
With the dark mood :open_mouth:
It would be awesome.
Some things that you could kill him with like he does to his Victims (machete, some saw like killing machine)
I think that would get back more to older games and this level had more potential. :slight_smile:


Old Friend Postal dude posted this. I actually like this. Its like from some Horror movie


Guys, isn’t this old man from Hitman: Damnation? The leader of a cult of one.fET3PvyBKoU-1



I understand perfectly well that there is no sense in reviving the old topic without any hard facts, but I will say this: I Read Hitman: Damnation and came across Charlie Wilkins, the leader of the religious cult “Church of the Will”. Not only that, the description of its appearance is similar, so suggests that it is associated with Providence. Again, I’m sorry, but such information, in my opinion, was not put forward, and felt it necessary to add their views here, and not to create a new unnecessary topic. Thanks.