Using the emetic syringe

I only have one emetic syringe at the moment, but I was wondering what happens if you inject
a character who then goes to waste basket to throw up, and seconds later you inject another character who is close by. How would the AI handle that?
Will he seek another location or wait his turn?


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Aha! Wait for the days when you unlock emetic poison jars and emetic grenades, and can poison multiple NPCs at once.

It’s hilarious. NPCs are walking about all over the map to find bathrooms or bins. So no, they don’t wait their turn. :slight_smile:


Thanks. That could be useful in the level 3 of the Batty Escalation, where you have to pacify the pamphlet guy with a newspaper then dump him in the creek.
I know you can knock out all the others in the area, but I was testing to see if I can avoid doing that.
Luring him with the flash phone or coin takes too long or another NPC gets in the way.
I can earn another Emetic syringe if I go back to Colorado and get to level 5. That should be easy.
My hope is the pamphlet guy will walk over to where the creek is, if the first barrel is in use. Gee, why don’t these guys go to a toilet. lol. He probably won’t go where I want him to go anyway, but it will be cool to see where he goes.

I remember the banker from Bangkok does that. Here is a 5 star hotel, and instead of going to the bathroom he walks over under the coconuts and vomits in a trash bin. Not very classy. I know that is the way the program runs but it is kind of funny.

Are those gadgets available now?
the emetic poison jar and emetic grenades?

Yes, they are Mastery rewards in a newly released mission


Yeah, ok. I have to work my way up to that location. I am still in Whittleton. I will get there eventually.

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I did it once for my contract. You should poison a non-target dude to occupy a basket, and then poison a target, who will move to more distant and secluded basket

Take your time. I miss the days of episodic release because youre truly encouraged to take your time. Hitman should not be played in a rush.

I do. I like to explore and learn each location before moving on. I have a lot of games but I spend way more time on this.

@Fortheseven would like a word with you :smirk:

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He plays in a rush… for hours at a time. :joy: He can carry an argument for weeks; I almost respect that more than the SA/SO runs in 26 seconds.

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So, I got a second emetic syringe and injected two different NPCs. One went to the barrel near the politician stand. When the second guy saw it was being “used” he went to another barrel.
So that did not help at all. So instead I just did the standard thing of luring him next door.