Vampire Challenge Pack - Can we expect more challenge packs soon?

Can we expect more challenge packs for future episodes, or indeed Sapienza and Marrakesh.

While the Vampire Challenge Pack wasn’t the hardest thing in the world to accomplish, It did make me play Paris in ways I didn’t before, but perhaps packs with more variety would amp up the difficulty.
Or have Packs dedicated to a specific weapon, like a Sniper Challenge Pack.

@Kent did start a discussion about a challenge pack in Sapienza, but do we have any word from IOI on this?

@Travis_IOI Can we get a word about challenge packs? Can we expect more of them or are they on the back-burner?


Yeah, they also added that Hammer Time challenge to the tutorial map. I was hoping that older maps would get updated with new challenges from time to time to keep things fresh. Finishing challenges is kinda the main part of the game for me.

They added a couple of challenges to Marrakesh (kill both targets with APC and poison Zeydan) in a recent update, but that was more about adding some that it seems they forgot the first time around.

But the use for them is pointless now? There’s loads of challenges for mastery. Unless these pack give a reward, they’re pretty useless.

The “Briefcase Challenge Pack”


Yeah I remember the IOI team always going on about how they found a stream of some guys playing “The Final Test” and they added the hammer challenge because of them. I was kinda hoping they would be more frequent :confused:

I agree, some small reward would be cool. That’s when a re-skinned gun or knife would be acceptable imo. Personally, i’m a completionist, and since doing all the challenges in Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh and nearly doing all the Bangkok challenges, i’m always wanting more.


I disagree with you here. Rewards are nice but honestly, if something gives you a new and creative way to play, finding fun in doing it is all i need. Would people hate Elusive targets if there was no reward? I think they would be enjoyed just as much.

Its been so long, was there a reward for the Vamp/Mag pack? Either way, i did it because most of the challenges were fun to try and it gave me a new way to play the level.


There wasn’t a reward for the Vampire Pack.

I dunno, before they came out people were giving IOI shit for having them as a pseudo timed exclusive of sorts. I don’t think they would of gone down as well unless there was an unlock or progression towards something.

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That’s fine :slight_smile: We all have different tastes.

I’d rather more toys in our sandbox that’ll thus create new ways to accomplish new things. I don’t think people hate challenges or content for not having a reward, just there’s no incentive to go through the hoops to do it other than your own drive. In my case, would I care for ET’s if there were no reward? No I wouldn’t. They are simple NPCs on another path, only because they give me content, I actually do them. I don’t bother SA’ing the ET’s because there’s no incentive to for me. Sure I would have the same excitement if I were to play them, but I wouldn’t have even gave them a chance because of that lack of incentive. I have majority of the Vampire pack undone because I feel there’s no point in my time being dedicated to things that just tick a box.

But I’ll do the same thing if they were attached to a reward or trophy because that’s my thing… god forbid Easter Eggs :wink:


When I saw it I hoped that maybe we would get the VM as starting suit for completing the pack :slight_smile: but as it seems thats not the case :disappointed:

Well the outfit does exist as a loadout.

More challenge packs could be added later (no promises).


What do you mean gtajj?

Very true. Very, very true. There is a huge range of player types in Hitman and we all see and want different things. And I definitely agree it would be nice to have more toys to play with. I’m hoping we start to get some that are more fun and exciting to play with SOON regardless of how they are unlocked. Very underwhelmed after Episode 1.

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A few months ago, a user on stream ended up getting all future content somehow. Check the OP on the read below ad you’ll see new content which is legit (explosive phone).

Oh, I see. I hadn’t played the game yet at that time so I didn’t knew about this. This seems interesting. Thx for the info :slight_smile:

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Wow, it’s December already! :astonished:


I know man. This year flew by. :confused:

Yes unfortunately, I hate Christmas because it drains my bank account.

Something I just noticed:
On the Performance tab, you can see there are tabs for each mission for Assasination,Discovery,Feats and Targets. But there are 2 unused spaces under each Misssion.

In “The Showstopper”, one of the spaces is used for the Master Vampire challenge pack, so is IO giving themselves room to add 2 challenge packs per Mission?


That’s better:
The ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission gives a festive feeling to the existing Paris location with snow, decorations and even presents, which have been scattered all around the palace. Unfortunately, not everyone in attendance at the fashion show is there to spread festive joy. Two thieves have gained entrance to the fashion show event and are stealing the presents. As Agent 47, it’s your job to stop them, for good. If you are able to get to the presents first, feel free to open them and use whatever you find inside to help eliminate these two sticky bandits…

On top of all that, this new mission will add new holiday-specific challenges that offer up an additional reward.
First up this Thursday (December 8th) is the ‘Master Sniper’ Challenge Pack. We’ve created 5 new Sniping-related challenges for Sapienza and completing them all will unlock the ‘Jaeger 7 Covert’ Sniper Rifle and add it to your inventory.