Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

Anyone here excited for this?

Paradox Interactive just announced the resurrection of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, one of the best (and buggiest) RPGs ever made, and they’re making a sequel.

If you’re not familliar, VtMB was developed by now no longer existing Troika Games and it’s based on tabletop RPG from the World of Darkness, published by White Wolf. The game had fantastic writting and worldbuilding and it gained quite devoted cult following, despite its broken technical state. It was released on the same day as Half Life 2 tho, which didn’t really help the sales, plus overall funding issues, so Troika was forced to close doors shortly after the release.
In 2015, Paradox Interactive purchased White Wolf, so they got rights to WoD as well, and now, they’re working on VtMB II.

I’m so fucking excited for this, holyeffingshit, VtMB had dominated my whole puberty, i was just drowned it that world and its lore for years and it is kinda responsible for the choice of my career.
I’m trying not to be so hyped, bc this doesn’t really fit with the Paradox’s portfolio, so who knows, how good or bad it’s going to be, the trailer is mainly just combat focused, instead of showing the world… But some people, who worked on the original Bloodlines, are back and working on this, so… :crossed_fingers:

It’s been like what, 15 years? Just seeing that title back and alive makes me feel shaky af… i need a five…


The day just keeps getting better and better, sniper map announcement, John wick 3 and now this.

Fuck, probably one of the most fun game i remember playing, lets hope the new dev team does justice to the OG counterpart :smile:


Yeahh! It’s almost 7am here and i still can’t fall asleep, bc how goddamn happy this made me :laughing: Team Tremere!

@Elusive_Poster Where was mod support confirmed? I watched the livestream, but i didn’t catch that info there.

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Ah, thank you, probably missed that through my fangirling. That’s fantastic then.


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@LordShaw, I have zero knowledge or experience of this game, but your excitement is palpable and I’m happy for you :joy:

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You have no idea, this was THE SHIT for me, i would probably rate it higher than Fallout: New Vegas or any other RPG. Shame that they had to release it alongside of Half Life 2, which took all the spotlight from it. Getting a sequel now, after 15 years… that’s the Resurrection story, i’m here for :relaxed:

If you’re little bit interested, RagnarRox did a great essay, where he summarizes, what this game was and basically everything, what i loved about it.

Or this vid, which is more focused on explaining the gameplay, clan sytem etc.


Added to my watch later :blush:

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Usually I’m not bothered by pre-order bonuses, different editions and exclusive items but this feels wrong to me. Maye it’s because Bloodlines is one of my favorite games. Really shows how times have changed since 2004.

Bloodlines was an amazing game but having a bug I’m still baffled that none of the testers noticed the bug that prevents you from finishing the game. That shouldn’t happen.

Otherwise the game was simply amazing: The setting was great, every side quest was different and almost every NPC memorable. It’s a real shame it didn’t sold well enough to save Troika from bankruptcy. :frowning:

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Yeah, the preorder stuff and all those nostalgic items the Unsanctioned edition don’t sit with me very well either, guess it feels too pandery. I’m certainly won’t be preordering, as i rarely do anyway, so far there is not much to go on to make any judgements.

Not sure, how much testing they were even able to do back then with Bloodlines, they were basically forced by Activision and Valve to roll out the game, when it was still uncooked. Thank god for fan-made patches and mods, otherwise it would be still unplayable and that would be such a loss, since the writting was so damn good.

Damn, my flatmate 20 years ago used to play Vampire: the Masquerade (the board game), he always tried to get me into it. Never knew they made a video game of it.

agreed, that the pre-orders are already up while we’ve just seen a CGI trailer. Raises a small red flag for me, but lets see, i’m hopeful that there will be an E3 reveal if they are planing to release in Q1 of 2020.

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@YourGudBudNel I’m hoping they will show us a piece of that demo, they had for journalists, soon.

Other great news - Rik Schaffer, the music composer for the original game confirmed to be back for this as well. :star_struck: Moldy Old World is still one of my favourite things in the existence of videogame OSTs.

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Im probably going to talk to myself here, but eh, wanna unload, cuz i’m still so excited and other places are weird.

This week they introduced the last clan we will be able to play as: so that’s Brujah, Tremere, Toreador, Ventrue and Malkavian to pick from + nonclan Thinbloods we will be starting as.

All already familiar clans from the first Bloodlines - Gangrel and Nosferatu from the first game are missing. No one cares about smelly Gangrel (apparently Gangrel are no longer part of Camarilla after V5 book, i will need to read up on that), but i’m surprised they chose to go with Malkavians instead of Nosferatus or some other pen&paper clan, that was not yet introduced in the first game, because that means no pure stealth clan for picking.

I was sure Malks will be later part of some DLC, since they’re generally not recommended to play on the first playthrough, due to their spoiling clairvoyant madness, and the fifth clan will be Nossies. Don’t mind it and Nosferatu will most likely come later as a DLC, but i’m sure going to miss them and their cute gimp outfits at launch :broken_heart:

Saw a good point tho - since we’re starting as Thinblood and we will -probably- pick our clan through diablerie (sort of vampire cannibalism), no-one in their right mind would voluntarily pick existence as an ugly ass sewer rat Nosferatu, so… checks out. (Unless i can be Gary… hnnn, Gary)

Quite a fan of having two-part character and getting more flavour and variety thanks to it - starting as a weak, half baked clanless thinblood and then switching into full-blooded vampire after a while.

I’m now debating, what clan to go with for my first playthrough - thought i’m going to go with my favourite blood nerds Tremere, but then Outstar put a bug into my head about Toreadors (always saw them as too vanilla and human before, goddamn social creatures) - about how their impact on their victims is actually the most cruel and psychologically damaging out of all the Camarilla clans - and it could be fun to roleplay as that kind of Toreador, who thrives on and revels in this aspect of their influence on others. Especially now - their Presence discipline together with the new blood resonance system? Ohh, that could get so beautifully twisted.

Also, first gameplay reveal at E3 June 10th, wohoo! And that revamped theme is <3, love the violin-like bit in the middle.

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Gameplay trailer, wohoo! :sob::heart::heart:

Looks good, animations still look janky and rough, but they have time… (And even if not - writing, characters and atmosphere are the main for me with this one)

The atmosphere seems to be back full on, movement looked almost Dishonored-like (that Blink moment) slash Deus Ex (with the camera going to 3rd person during climbing) - my favorite games, so i totally don’t mind :smile:

I guess this is going to be our starting haven. I’m so gonna decor the shit out of it.

Character design :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blood Boil! Needs limbs flying off tho, heh

Good ol’ dialogues

It’s obviously still cooking, but i’m happy and positive. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ahem. What’s this game again it is suddenly on my radar :joy:

Was this at the PC gaming show?

Mate! You have no idea what you have been missing! Find yourself some vids with Velvet Velour or Jeanette from the first game and listen to their sweet voices. Plenty of… umm… interesting looking characters like that.

(I’m gonna sell it to you even if I’ll have to resort to this tactic :joy:)

Yup, PC gaming show moment ago. They showed shorter trailer tho. Devs were awkward and nervous af. My people :joy: :two_hearts:

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Haha, you’ve been talking to too many Brits on here :joy:

Joking about hot characters aside, I do love a good story focused game to sink my teeth into.

E3 has long had a problem here. Devs are not natural presenters, and paid presenters often don’t have a clue about gaming. It’s hard to find a sweet spot between the two. I though Aisha Tyler did a great job for Ubisoft when they still had her present their show.

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Even tho a rarely enjoy their games, yeah, Ubisoft’s approach to E3 presentation is the most professional one and i do enjoy watching them. Aisha was awesome! But i still like to see awkward devs here and there, because it’s reassuring to see someone being similarly terrible in front of an audience #canrelate :laughing:

Technical issues aside, i really can’t recommend the first one enough, if you like a good story, characters, proper choices… But I’m repeating myself, sorry :sweat_smile:

VtMB1 was pretty much a passion project, and this sequel seems like it’s going to be one too. My favorite type of project. (And all the goth-punk looking ladies and gentlemen are a nice bonus :smirk:)

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Still cannot believe this game is being made and that it looks like it’s going to be amazing, with it being so reminescent of the first, but still so modern.

I saw some gameplay footage a while back and it looked amazing. Loved the fact that it had just a tiny bit of the wonkyness, such as ragdolls being slightly unrealistic, some animations being off, that the gameplay looked real and genuine, not scripted, yet still looked absolutely mindblowing.

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Same. It wouldn’t be Bloodlines without some wonkiness. But after seeing the gameplay, I’m kinda counting on them moving the release a bit, since there seems to be a lot of things left to polish. If so, I won’t mind it, as we have waited fifteen years, so waiting just little more is nothing. Overall, I’m just happy that the game seems to be in good, understanding and passionate hands:)

I love that they kept the ridiculous cybergoth limb flailing dance and even “improved” on it. Can’t wait to be an absolute disgraceful embarrassment on the dance floor, again :laughing:.

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