Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2


Anyone here excited for this?

Paradox Interactive just announced the resurrection of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, one of the best (and buggiest) RPGs ever made, and they’re making a sequel.

If you’re not familliar, VtMB was developed by now no longer existing Troika Games and it’s based on tabletop RPG from the World of Darkness, published by White Wolf. The game had fantastic writting and worldbuilding and it gained quite devoted cult following, despite its broken technical state. It was released on the same day as Half Life 2 tho, which didn’t really help the sales, plus overall funding issues, so Troika was forced to close doors shortly after the release.
In 2015, Paradox Interactive purchased White Wolf, so they got rights to WoD as well, and now, they’re working on VtMB II.

I’m so fucking excited for this, holyeffingshit, VtMB had dominated my whole puberty, i was just drowned it that world and its lore for years and it is kinda responsible for the choice of my career.
I’m trying not to be so hyped, bc this doesn’t really fit with the Paradox’s portfolio, so who knows, how good or bad it’s going to be, the trailer is mainly just combat focused, instead of showing the world… But some people, who worked on the original Bloodlines, are back and working on this, so… :crossed_fingers:

It’s been like what, 15 years? Just seeing that title back and alive makes me feel shaky af… i need a five…



The day just keeps getting better and better, sniper map announcement, John wick 3 and now this.

Fuck, probably one of the most fun game i remember playing, lets hope the new dev team does justice to the OG counterpart :smile:



Yeahh! It’s almost 7am here and i still can’t fall asleep, bc how goddamn happy this made me :laughing: Team Tremere!

@Elusive_Poster Where was mod support confirmed? I watched the livestream, but i didn’t catch that info there.

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Ah, thank you, probably missed that through my fangirling. That’s fantastic then.


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@LordShaw, I have zero knowledge or experience of this game, but your excitement is palpable and I’m happy for you :joy:

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You have no idea, this was THE SHIT for me, i would probably rate it higher than Fallout: New Vegas or any other RPG. Shame that they had to release it alongside of Half Life 2, which took all the spotlight from it. Getting a sequel now, after 15 years… that’s the Resurrection story, i’m here for :relaxed:

If you’re little bit interested, RagnarRox did a great essay, where he summarizes, what this game was and basically everything, what i loved about it.

Or this vid, which is more focused on explaining the gameplay, clan sytem etc.



Added to my watch later :blush:

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Usually I’m not bothered by pre-order bonuses, different editions and exclusive items but this feels wrong to me. Maye it’s because Bloodlines is one of my favorite games. Really shows how times have changed since 2004.

Bloodlines was an amazing game but having a bug I’m still baffled that none of the testers noticed the bug that prevents you from finishing the game. That shouldn’t happen.

Otherwise the game was simply amazing: The setting was great, every side quest was different and almost every NPC memorable. It’s a real shame it didn’t sold well enough to save Troika from bankruptcy. :frowning:

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Yeah, the preorder stuff and all those nostalgic items the Unsanctioned edition don’t sit with me very well either, guess it feels too pandery. I’m certainly won’t be preordering, as i rarely do anyway, so far there is not much to go on to make any judgements.

Not sure, how much testing they were even able to do back then with Bloodlines, they were basically forced by Activision and Valve to roll out the game, when it was still uncooked. Thank god for fan-made patches and mods, otherwise it would be still unplayable and that would be such a loss, since the writting was so damn good.



Damn, my flatmate 20 years ago used to play Vampire: the Masquerade (the board game), he always tried to get me into it. Never knew they made a video game of it.



agreed, that the pre-orders are already up while we’ve just seen a CGI trailer. Raises a small red flag for me, but lets see, i’m hopeful that there will be an E3 reveal if they are planing to release in Q1 of 2020.

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@YourGudBudNel I’m hoping they will show us a piece of that demo, they had for journalists, soon.

Other great news - Rik Schaffer, the music composer for the original game confirmed to be back for this as well. :star_struck: Moldy Old World is still one of my favourite things in the existence of videogame OSTs.

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I hope to see some really important choices, with serious consequences.
A gameplay really better suited to different kinds of possibilities.
I also hope that the map, will allow the easy implementation of scripted quests modded, with new places etc.