Vegas 16 or Vegas 16 platinum

Hello all,

I say they added Vegas 16 on steam but I want to know 2 things

-Should I buy the Platinum or the Normal Version
-Do I need to play for some sort of membership

I want to use this software to make better Hitman videos, and I don’t need to know if I should buy it. I just want to know these 2 thinks asap

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It’s all about what plugins you need.

-> If you just do basic editing with few effects: Normal
–> If you need extra special effects and tools: Platinum

But it’s just the same software in both cases.
Just more cosmetics and stuff as difference.

Ah, okay, I bought the normal version now, but it shows 30 fps in the editing and 60 in the video itself. Is that normal? After saving it also shows 60 fps again

Check your timeline properties and video settings, they should match the same specs (fps, resolution, etc.)

Also, be sure to render the final video in correct format (same properties as your timeline/video) :+1:

Good luck Agent :wink:

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