Versatile Assassin challenge bugged

Hey all, I’m trying to 100% Hitman on PC and I’ve come into a bug where this challenge will not be completed despite the fact that I have completed all of the related challenges for it, is there anyone who could possibly help as support was unable to do anything and the problem has not resolved itself in over a month at this point.

I am playing on PC, the mission is ‘The Author’ on Sapienza (and yes I have completed the related challenges on ‘The Author’ mission), but I am playing it on Hitman 2.

Here is a list of what I have tried to fix the problem so far:

  • Redone the related challenges (Probably done each one nearly two dozen times at this point)
  • Verified integrity of game files
  • Reinstalled the entire game
  • Deleted specific files and then verified integrity of game files to replace them
  • Completed the challenges on a lower graphic quality
  • Completed the challenges with a Silent Assassin rating
  • Completed the challenges on ‘World of Tomorrow’

Picture of the uncompleted challenge:

Bump bumpity bump bump.

I can give it a go on my pc?

I appreciate the offer but I’d rather not give my login to a stranger.