Versus or No

So I came up with a spin-off to the thread that just won’t leave the forum: Yes or No. But this time the only polls you can make are pitting any Hitman character against another person/character/object. And it has to be a Hitman Character versus a character/real life person from another franchise/real life.

Rules are simple

  1. They don’t have to be physical fights. You can have Mr Wilson enter a grill off with the Burger King for all I care. Also I accept things like “Who looks the creepiest?”. “Who is the strongest” as well
  2. You don’t have to use the current version of 47 nor his opponent. If you want a wrestling match between Absolution 47 versus Return of the Dragon Chuck Norris you can. So long as the opponent is tied to a preexisting and established piece of media/brand/real life person.
  3. If you are using an obscure character you should do your best to describe them or post some sort of link to a Wikipedia, Wikia entry or the like.
  4. You don’t have to be exacting in your other parameters. Like location, props or whatever but do specify them if you are questioned by others
  5. Please don’t argue over the results. I will intervene if it goes on for too long.
  6. I guess the last rule is the obvious one. Stick to the forum guidelines like you would any other poll.
  7. I reserve the right to alter and enforce these rules. Additions, amendments and removals are only authorised by my jugement
    Let the matches begin!!

Who would win in a grill off? The results are based on taste.

  • Mr Wilson
  • The Burger King

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Who would win in a yee-haw-off?

  • Amos Dexter
  • Blake Dexter

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I tell you, I don’t ordinarily yee-haw but this is a fucking yee-haw!

Who would win in a hee-hee off?
Here’s a clip of Spaulding for some context

  • Captain Spaulding
  • The clown from a new life

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Who would win

hee hee

I think you’re forgetting someone

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Who would win in a sword fight?

  • Lee Hong
  • Masahiro Hayamoto Sr.

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Awesome thread btw @Accidental-kills98!!

Ah shit I forgot a rule. It has to be a Hitman character versus a character from a different franchise. I figured it would make for more interesting matches.

I will let this one exist because.

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Ah… my bad bro! I’ll close the poll and try again :sweat_smile:

There is no need to close the poll.

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The best VPOTUS

  • Danniel Morris
  • Spiro Agnew

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The best Veep.

  • Daniel Morris
  • Dan Quayle

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Lol I lost opportunity.

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Ok lol I opened it again

Who would win in a fight to the death?

You mean Danny Trejo or big Danny Trejo?


Precisely :joy:

Who would win in a game of chess?

  • Jasper Knight
  • Bobby Fischer

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Who would win in a serial killing-off. Is serial killing-off a thing? Anyway, if it is, who would win?

  • The Censor
  • Jeffrey Dahmer

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Who would win in a hide & seek / kill.

  • Raizo from Ninja Assassin
  • Agent 47

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Who would win in a sniping match?

  • Raymond Kulinsky
  • The Jackal (Day of the Jackal)

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Who would win in a dance-off?

  • The guy playing Doki Doki Pow Pow in Hokkaido (the guy who’s actually good)
  • Michael Jackson

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Who would win in a singing competition?

  • Eve (Angel Singer, Blood Money)
  • An ostrich being waterboarded

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