Versus series: 47 vs John Wick

Why not have some fun and interesting discussion? :smiley:
47 (games) vs John Wick.

Rules: Both assassins are in their prime and know each other’s abilities and skills. They have contracts to kill each other. They know of each’s looks aswell. Wick is aware of 47’s social stealth skills and 47 knows about John’s skills too.

Lacation: calm and sunny Sapienza town.

Round one: They meat in empty area where they go 1 on 1 in pure hand to hand combat. Win by death.

Round two: They go for a shootout in a crowded area, full of surrounding shops, corners and cover to hide behind/in. They use personally prefered pistols (only one). Distance between them - 20 meters. Win by death.

Round three: They arrive at Sapienza before the sunset. 47 is near the beach, Wick is around the clock-building. They have to find each other and make a hit. They can use any disguise, weapons or kill method they want. Both are aware of the fact that their targets are in the same town. Win by death.

Round four (don’t answer if you don’t want): Even if it doesn’t make any sense :smile: - They both tell their contractors to go “f*ck themselves” and decide to hang around like a true bros. They meet in one of the Sapienza’s local bars at mid-evening and have fun drinking bear, while telling each other stories of their past. Soon they get “hooked” and get involved into drinking contest where the winner is the one who does not pass out / throw up first! :smile:

Lets have some civil and interesting discussion going on here, folks! WHO wins and WHY/HOW?

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47 all the way. Lets face it. John Wick is just human. 47 was created with the intend of being a super soldier.

In hand to hand 47 for sure.

In the a shootout it depends who gets lucky I guess.

In round three 47 again since he should be a “master of disguise”

And in round 4 I don’t see it happening since 47 is “antisocial” as described in the prologue

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But this IS happening, these are the rules of this thread! :smile: Just use your imagination, it doesn’t have to be all lore-strickt :wink:

And personally I would give round two to John Wick. IMO His hand to hand combat looked far superior than that of 47’s in Absolution reveal trailer. Especially when combined with those close-up pistol takedowns.

For round two: I say Wick too, he’s basically a human aimbot. For 47 it would be like facing Deadshot.

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First round: John Wick.
All other rounds: 47. John Wick doesn’t stand a chance against a much more experienced super-human clone who barely ages and would have an advanced metabolism.


Keanu is a superhuman who barely ages

Wick’s weapon skills and hand to hand are far superior and the guy is essentially a killing machine.

Wick is the man you hire to kill guys like 47

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SO that means we have to bring in the 47 from the Movies…
He got some fast action skills to deal with john wick:



47 is from the games, not any of the crappy movies.

This is a tough one since both are very skilled in CQC, but 47 does have the advantage of strength and speed over any man due to his genetic engineering.

Again, a tough one, but this goes to Wick since he is just ridiculously good and stylish with a handgun.

This goes to 47, no doubt. 47 being the smooth psychopath he is, he can convincingly disguise himself as anybody and i doubt John would ever spot him before it’s too late.

This just isn’t going to happen, i don’t care what the rules say. Even if it did, 47 would just be impersonating one of the Payday gang members since those guys were friends with Wick.

That’s actually a pretty good idea for a disguise, think of 47 wearing the Hoxton mask. 10/10

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This is a fun idea for discussion. Here’s how it might go down, excluding round 4…

Round 1

Off the bat we know that 47 is genetically engineered. He was specially trained and he definitely would have a higher pain tolerance. With that said, John Wick still has a lot going for him. In his line of work, he clearly deals with CQC situations very frequently. While 47 is great in close-combat, he most likely doesn’t have the sheer breadth of CQC experience that Wick has accrued. Afterall, 47 crafts his missions to keep extended close-encounters to a minimum - the type that Wick thrives at. Also, 47 apparently thought it was a good idea to attempt to fiber wire Sanchez.

Verdict: Wick wins round 1.

Round 2

I would say that Wick has superior situational awareness because he’s amazing at taking on handfuls of enemies surrounding him. Despite this acuity, on one occasion he lost his target in a crowd and essentially failed his mission. 47, as we all know, is well-versed in working around civilians.

As for gunfights, well…one thing I liked from the first Hitman movie was the notion that Agent 47 doesn’t miss. He’s a perfect shot. And let’s not forget that Agent 47 handily dispatched the world’s second best assassin in an all-out dual in the Torture Chamber.

47 has the advantage for this round. The only way I see Wick winning is if he manages to hold out long enough for the cops to arrive and take his side :grin:

Verdict: 47 wins round 2 by using the crowd to his advantage and swiftly gunning down Wick.

Round 3

First off, 47 would have the help of Diana. She would point him to the best places to take advantage of in Sapienza. On the other hand, when John Wick has friends, they tend to be VERY helpful. If he did have contacts in Sapienza, they might allow him easy access to restricted areas and give him their own useful intel. However, it’s likely that Wick doesn’t have such contacts. He doesn’t appear to be an international asssassin, and even if he was, there’s no way his adapatability to foreign surroundings would come close to 47’s.

Verdict: 47 wins round 3 (and the tournament) by using a disguise to avoid detection and capitalizing on the first misstep that John Wick makes.

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I know… I am just making a joke of the movies…

Nice post @F61Wolf ! But I would still handle Round 2 to John Wick. From what I have seen his skills to headshot people from any angle/situations or pose is just beyond anything I have seen 47 do. 47 is extremely good too, but I think Wick is just on a whole different level. He’s like a freaking human aimbot machine. It’s insane how precise and deadly he’s in the movie.

47 mostly, like you said, carefully plans his hits and tries to make as less noise / damage as possible, without revealing himself to his foes (hence where the legendary “Silent Assassin” name comes from), while Wick is used to point-precise shooting and CQC on daily basis. Which is why I would give him the edge in close combat and shootout situations.

It’s a 2/3 Wick for me.


One very huge advantage 47 has over Wick or anybody else for that matter is that he’s literally incapable of fear or anxiety like uhh… how do you say it, neurologically? Which IS a very good trait to have when you’re constantly infiltrating highly dangerous places using disguises.


For sure. Wick is a boss with aiming and reaction time. If the round was just a straight up gunfight, (edit) I’d probably give it to Wick.
The crowd element to the round is what really convinced me for 47. Wick was at odds with the crowd in the movie and his target got away. I imagine 47 practically waltzing in and around the crowd. If there was ever a way for 47 to win an intense shootout situation against Wick, it’d definitely be the one where there’s a sea of civilians.

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I think this fight is a bit unfair… whenever we talk about 47 vs someone… we always choose a hand to hand combat or a weapon situation… In order to put 47 in a VS situation we need to get a right character for comparison… The one who is similar to 47.
Lets say 47 VS James Bond.
Now that’s a balanced situation.

It will be more interesting because both have back up from the agencies… Both have small hand to hand techniques and weapon handling and both perform well in social stealth scenarios. This match will require a more detailed analysis of both the characters and their capabilities…
Example of a pro for 007 would be driving gadget filled cars… Pro for 47 would be fearless and sniping upper edge… etc

@KrugerSchmidts it’s usually always few type scenarios in such discussions, so it’s fair enough to put them in different situations. I don’t see any “unbalance” in this thread either. But don’t you worry - look at the title where I wrote “series”. Be sure I (or someone else) will make a vs Bond / Jason Bourne thread aswell.

But please don’t force the Bond stuff into this one as this is about 47 and John Wick. Simply ignore it if you don’t like it.

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OK… jeez… I was just sayin… that things would be more fair… you know… if we wana compare and stuff… we should make a balance… [spoiler]Next up we will be discussing Spiderman vs 47 EDIT: Ill stay Quite[/Spoiler]

@KrugerSchmidts I promise next one will be mr. Bond vs mr. Sapienza Bond :smile:

How about Fisher vs 47 vs Solid Snake. Not like that’s ever been done before…

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Round 1- 47
Round 2- Wick he’s a marksman
Round 3-47 Master of Disguise
Round 4-This doesn’t make sense your correct
Great thread