Versus series: 47 vs John Wick

‘His Last Drink’ challenge unlocked.


Haha, good one dude :smile: Those photoshop skills are sharp :smile:

eh, it’s like comparing apples to oranges if you ask me.

a better fight would be john wick vs. james bond.

@Arvin47 it looks like we have a winner for Round 4: it’s 47! Looking at those pics there’s no way Wick could keep up with 47 lol.

Wick: “Our last drink mate, TO OUR HEALTH, FORSEVNHH…!”
47: “Last drink, the fuck? You aint quiting on me, dawg. We still got this botle of vodka to ‘kill’ first.”

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Well, if Wick finds out it was 47 who killed his puppy, the rampage will never end.

Wick is one determined guy and I could see him defeating 47 in many scenarios. Including the ones mentioned already. Seriously, has anyone even seen the film? It should be re-named Headshot: The Movie.


Headshots: And Only Them

Slightly OT but I want to mention Vs ideas for the future

Vincent (Collateral) Vs 47
Vincent Vs Wick
Bourne vs 47
Bourne vs Vincent

Im not mentioning Bond because that guy is an incompetent yet extremely lucky “Spy”

Back on topic

I think Wick would excel in crowded areas…yes he did lose his target in the club…but managed to eliminate an entire security team while there…dude’s awareness is off the charts. Wick will ID 47 as another “Wolf” and target him…and Wick doesn’t fuck around

No badass one liners
No taunting
2 in the sternum and 1 in the head

Also, Wick’s driving skills are 10/10 on the Bourne scale…Wick is likely to run 47 over in his Charger and then double tap him to be sure

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But he loses to 47 in drinking contest, tho :smile:

At least if you ask @Expert who strangely enough considers 47 a full blown alcoholic…

Im probably really late for this but for whatever its worth, here is my opinion.

A lot of people here seem to underestimate 47’s marksman skills. Sure wick is pretty damn out of this world with guns and aim, however; 47 is just a pure God that is out of this “universe”. John has missed many shots at certain times but 47 never, and I mean “Never” misses a shot. If he misses, there is a clear reason behind it.

47 to me would outshine Wick in a gun fight. 47 is very capable of sniping Wick with a pistol from 200 yards away, through a car window, at night while Wick is moving and behind a window. Wick is pretty darn skilled at gun play but 47 is just a deity compared to John wick. Personally Wick would have to be very lucky to win against 47. John would be dead before he even gets aim at 47.

47 in terms of awareness and senses/reflexes (no competition).

Hand to hand, 47 (no competition). 47 is very familiar with the human anatomy and has been able to take down a 200+ pound man twice his own size without even a drop of sweat or struggle. Wick nearly comes out dead when going against tough opponents.

A proper example for these would be comparing:

Goku (Mastered Ultra Instinct [agent 47])


Super saiyan Vegeta (Wick)

John wick is very skilled but Agent 47 was designed to do what John Wick does, but 10x better and more efficiently.

This is coming from a John Wick fan by the way :slight_smile:

47 saves and reloads till he executes his unnecessarily complex plan with godlike precision to get the SA rating.

So, 47…

Not exactly, if only bc the pistol is not accurate enough for that. 47 carries a 1911 clone. Those can be extremely accurate. However extremely accurate for a a pistol is not the same as for a long gun. The US Marines rifle qual at 100, 300, and 500 yards. The US Army doesn’t even bother with the 500 yards. Here’s a link (below) to one of the best custom 1911 builders on earth. You’ll notice the accuracy guarantee is better than 1.5 inches at 25 yards, or for another $300, better than 1 inch at 25 yards. 200 yards with a 5” pistol would have a ton of luck involved. Bullet drop would be pretty significant too. It would be over 3” at 200 yards, you could maybe adjust for that with an adjustable rear sight, but those don’t adjust on the fly. 47 would more likely be zeroed for some more common distance like 12 or 15 yards. All that said, I still pick 47 in a fight, but I’d bet against him making that shot.

I thought the results were clear enough? 47 is a genetically modified clone, shaped to be the perfect assassin and leaving no witnesses. Wick is sure a great assassin, but doesn’t reach the level of 47 and is strongly affected by his emotions.

Certainly a pistol is not capable of sniping from such a distance away, especially going through windows and walls and etc. It was just meant to be an example of what 47 is capable of. Comparing 47 to John Wick is like comparing an Iphone 7 (John) to an Iphone 8 (47). 47 is just superior than John wick in every aspect. 47 goes through more intensive training than John, not to mention that he has been training since “birth”. Not to sound biased but, John Wick would not stand a chance. It would be basically an unfair fight between them two. My point is that: 47 cannot be beaten in a gun fight. John is human and is bound to make a mistake at some point, 47 on the other hand was created “perfect” in every aspect. Thank you for clarifying the whole pistol situation though!


By the way, I would bet against 47 making that shot too, lol

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