Very annoying repetitive saving message

Hello everyone, I bought Hitman 3 today and I constantly have this extremely annoying message in the bottom right that is currently being saved, which pops up every 2-3 seconds. This is so incredibly annoying and completely destroys the immersion of the game. I played around with the settings, reinstalled, etc. but nothing helped. Some users report exactly the same problem but they couldn’t be helped either. But this was already 2022 and now we are almost 2023. It can’t be acceptable that after all this time the developers still can’t offer a solution to the problem? I paid dearly for it, but it is unplayable with this annoying message. Is there any workaround now without me having to go into offline mode (also a topic that can be discussed for hours anyway)


This is not true, but your frustration is shared with some other members of the community.


PS5 players have it even worse - when starting a mission the saving icon usually gets stuck on the screen and it will never disappear on its own. We have to start each mission by pausing the game to clear it since pausing causes the game to halt trying to send information to the servers.

We’ve been dealing with this for over two years. :disappointed:


Hey, I think I may have found a temporary workaround. If you are on the Steam version of the game try disabling the Hitman 1 GOTY Edition under the DLC tab by checking it off the list. You may notice the bug wont occur when you launch the game. It seems to be linked to that piece of content specifically. I’m guessing it’s an account synch issue between Steam and IO’s servers. Trying to be vocal about it in an attempt to get it patched!

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