Very Specific Mumbai Crash (PS4)

I first noticed this when I was trying to complete Mumbai for the first time. I was just trying to pass the mission so I could get to the Ilse of Sgail Elusive Target. Yes, I know I could have just loaded the mission, but I like to follow the story in order.

Anyway, the crash happens at the door to the painter. Depending upon when you get there, there is a guy in the large room to the right of the elevator shaft that starts to spot you. Answer - go into cover, right? Here is where the crash happens - if you are still in cover when you try to use the keycard, the game crashes. It happened to me at least three times back then and it happened just now as well.

I know “don’t stay in cover” is the obvious answer, but it still should not happen.

@Clemens_IOI and @Travis_IOI, if this has already been reported, I apologize. I checked first and did not see it.