Video game expansions,dlc, etc

I was just wondering if people generally are for or against games that are dlc,microtransaction & expansion heavy. There are times when I feel its overkill, but others that i almost can’t get enough content for(hitman 2016,hitman 2)!!! Just wondering peoples feelings and honest opinions???

It’s more content

You pay for more content if you want to

I don’t see the problem

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Yeah it is simple…but as whole, i have read others tend to get frustrated with the amount of $ it takes now days to get a full or complete game as intended.Like I said , i honestly am for it in MOST cases.when fable and earlier assassin creeds offered pre orders or codes for dlc, add ons etc, I was all for it. I was less likely to buy gun skins for cod or the sham that is loot boxes.At the end of the day , if want buy ,if not dont.Plus , consumers can always wait and get full complete editions for less $.

if you handle Add-Ons like CDPR with the witcher 3, i have nothing against it. Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine are more than worth their price and really add something to the Game.

But i hate when Companies cut out Parts of a Game, just to sell them you on Day One on top of the 60 Bucks you already paid for the Game. Or when Content is ON the Disc you bought, but you need to pay for it to unlock it.

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Yes…these are the discussions i intended. The good bad and ugly of current games with: dlc, expansions, add ons, micro transactions,etc…

I remember i loved the 1st injustice , then in 2 they made all these loot boxes, same with shadow of war ( 2nd mordor game) & countless others even ghost recon wildlands got in on the season pass rage and loot boxes. I don’t know where the line is, but i definitely feel there is a line and its been crossed . $60 base game, season pass average almost $40, then countless real $ for in game currency for skins, outfits, weapons, upgrades,perks etc. Im asking when is too much or what feels about right? I love,love, love dlc, that extends the life of the game im playing, but wanting/needing to spend over $100 per game each time, seems a bit much Imo.

There was a time when I was mildly annoyed by DLCs, but quickly stopped minding. It was a sub-decent way of adding new content. If it was enticing and desirable for me, I’d get it.

Microtransactions, however, feel like on the opposite pole. The random slot machine-like concept feels like a lazy method to take advantage of the FOMO by promising items buried in ludicrous drop rates.

I hate to say that I wouldn’t mind DLCs when done right, but micro transactions need to go away because next thing we know, it’ll be on the games we know and love; the ones that still don’t have it.

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Well said…fear of missing out or, the completionist in some gamers, compel us to spend $$$$$. I agree that its all personal choice, and no ones forcing people to buy, but it feels a little shady, or like dangling a carrot .In older games, there were unlocks that were rewards for progress, certain achievements etc. I mostly love pre orders and like uplay dlc, where u spend in game earned credits,or points to get extra content!!

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