Video Game Music


Use this thread to post your favourite music from games.

First up for me is a track from the unreleased Dragon Age Inquisition. I think it’s fantastic:

Here’s a fantastic one from Halo 2 (not the standard Halo theme, really, really unique)

And of course, Hell March from Command and Conquer: Red Alert.

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Mass Effect - Goosebumps every time…

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That Dragon Age Inquisition track is gorgeous. Sounds very cinematic.

Possibly my favourite game theme ever, kinda unfair when they get Clint Mansell to do a one off for them:

This one probably as the biggest nostalgia value for me:

My favourite piece by Jesper Kyd, a very popular one:



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Heroes 6 - amazing

Also almost anything from the Dragon Quest series…



These two pieces of music probably best capture my favourite sounds from the games which dominated my childhood.

The most recognisable (and nostalgic) music from the Sims franchise. Spent hours listening to this, often while contemplating which carpet to buy, and whether it would match the couch. Decisions, decisions.

While the SimCity games featured some exceptionally good material, this is the track I like the most. SimCity 3000 had the strongest soundtrack IMO.



The soundtrack from the NES Turtles game. I love the simplicity and the nostalgia behind it:

The Battletoads theme has a big place in my heart as well together with a few others soundtracks from that game. I only got to level 4 in that game as a kid, so I never experienced any other tracks from it (apparantly it’s one of the hardest NES games ever made, so makes sense).

Almost everything from Goldeneye 64 is memorable for me, here’s one:

The most memorable music from any game for me is Hell March for Red Alert 1. My first really big gaming experience. Oh I really played this game as a kid so many times. The soundtrack stills rocks today:

Then I admire almost everything Jesper Kyd did for the Hitman games, especially Silent Assassin and Contracts.

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I was stuck on Ornstein and Smough for days.

This music, alongside the sound of pillars shattering, smough’s laugh, his hammer hitting the ground, Ornstein hitting his spear on the floor.

The battle was so epic. It really was. Epic and epic.



I keep listening to that inquisition theme. So good.



I’m reviving this thread motherfuckerzzz

Have some coolio Tekken tracks, cos that’s all I can think to post right now:

^(the good bit kicks in at 1:00!)

Too many? I say not enough!



Uuuhm how about some doom M8?



Uuuhm how about you stop whining and POST IT YOURSELF

jk floyd I <3 u

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Can’t m80. On phone. Help a fella



As requested, here’s some rad Doom muse, mixes and remakes

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Deus ex human revolution and MGSV delivered insanely high quality music across all tracks.

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Mirrors Edge 2. Great soundtrack by Solar Fields.



I’m not super impressed by the start but when it picks up further in very nice.



I hope Bill Elm and Woody Jackson return with the next Red Dead.