Video Game Music


My favorite non HITMAN soundtrack.

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These are my mf jam right here.



Legend manor theme was great. The soundtrack overall used a lot of royalty free samples though - I’ve heard that female vocal loop from the main theme in so many places!

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I love the silent hill OSTs. especially 2.

been diggin this tune from dishonored lately. it’s just top stealth music. I love the congas at around 2 minutes.

and mick gordon’s work on doom blew me away. it’s just perfect.

(and it’s finally on spotify!!!)

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One of the best soundtracks of all time.

I saw Akira Yamaoka perform live with a band playing only Silent Hill music. It was downright surreal.



Couple of favorites off the top of my head. I love beautiful, melancholy stuff.



Yeah, that The Wolf Among Us track is amazing.

It sorta reminds me of this Portal (1) track, though it may be a bit sadder

To me, the best track of the franchise is this one. Jesper Kyd is a genius

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Love both of those composers. Skyrim soundtrack makes me so nostalgic.

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Great stuff! I especially liked the piece from Dishonored. A good soundtrack can elevate anything to the next level.

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Getting strong James Bond vibes over here. Masterpiece of a game btw.




01 - Medal of Honor: Frontline - Operation Market Garden
A haunting piece. I’ve never played the game and have no imagery to go with music, but the stir of emotion this piece causes is real with this one. :cry:

07 - Medal of Honor: Frontline - Manor House Rally

01 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Title Theme - The Video Game Soundtrack
Since they didn’t get the rights for John WIlliams’ score, they got another composer, Jeremy Soule, to have a go at Harry Potter. Not bad.
Starts with piano, escalates to full orchestration, adds choir, then decrescendos with a single piano (I’m a sucker for piano).

01 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Main Title - The Video Game Soundtrack
While I think “Chambers” is better (This one is a little more bombastic and the theme repeats in succession a little too much for my taste), this one still ain’t bad.

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One of my lasting video game memories is “Far Away” by Jose Gonzales in RDR when you first cross into Mexico. Partly because it was so unexpected. It was about two in the morning, I’d been playing a marathon session, and after that tough gunfight with Irish going down the river, it was just before sunrise when the song started. I just let my horse amble along at a leisurely pace while absorbing it all. Even after all these years, that song still flashes me back to that moment.

Damn, now I want to go play that game again.



The first time I played the game, I missed that moment because I got off the horse. :disappointed:



Yes yes yes. I have done it again multiple times but the first time will always be the best because of the surprise. Perfect videogame pacing

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For Fallout fans, or people who don’t mind giving these tracks a listen: which version do you prefer?

Fallout 3

Fallout 4

I love both, but I think 4 sounds better. I’d say 3’s sounds a lot darker, and sounds like a song meant for the end of the world.

4 however sounds more hopeful, more heroic, at least to me.



The theme for 3 sounds rusty, almost - whereas 4’s theme sounds glossy.

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Speaking of heroic soundtracks, XCOM 2 has a great one. I love the combat music.



Am doing right now. Gotta prepare for RDR2 folks.