Video games adapted into movies

Hi guys :smiley: This thread is about video games series that have been adapted into movies, and what you think of them. I thought I’d start this discussion because I’ve been wondering: can you think of a time when a video game was turned into a movie and it stayed true to the source material?

These are the games I know have been made into movies (which were video games first):

  • Hitman (two unrelated movies)
  • Lara Croft (two unrelated movie series)
  • Witcher
  • Prince of Persia
  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Warcraft
  • Need for Speed
  • Resident Evil
  • Silent Hill
  • Max Payne

Having written that list, I think maybe I should change my question to “Do you know of any games made into movies that weren’t ruined by the director?”
Metal Gear Solid is getting a filmic release and I’m anxious they’re going to spoil it :confused:


But only the first one, MK Annihilation is the worst Garbage ever. But MK1 is really good, it sticks very close to the source material and the fights are great, only some of CGI Effects havent aged well - but i say quite confident that Mortal Kombat is the best Videogame Adaptation ever made.

It also has like the finest 90s Techno Theme:


I’d say the Tron movies are decent. Not as movies, but as not-worse-than-the-games.

I also like the Resident Evil ones as brainless action movies.


I am holding out hope for Metal Gear Solid, since the Director has said a thousand times that he will do nothing less than perfect when it comes to it, and he has shown how much of a fan of the games he is.

That being said, almost ALL video game movies suck. The few exceptions, like @Urben said, Tron, it at least doesn’t make you wan;t to scream at how bad it is unlike Max Payne. I have not seen the newer Tomb Raider movies but it looked like it was based on the 2013 Game which was a good game so i can’t talk about that, but the Angelina Jolie ones sucked.

The things that translate across mediums well IMO is anime things. Ni No Kuni the game was pretty good, and the anime based in the same world was also pretty good.

I didn’t HATE the HITMAN movies just since they were just mindless action popcorn films. But yea they do nothing but ruin the original story from the games. Especially the most recent one, where they couldn’t even shave the guys head completely. But that said, still didn’t hate the movie, but 1 viewing was more than enough for me.


I do intend to watch the Resident Evil games on YouTube, at which point the movies will probably look bad :smile:

I was glad when I heard about the director saying he wanted to do this right and be true to the series. But then I’ve heard “I’m a big fan of the video games upon which this is based” when they made Hitman :confused:

I’ve heard the Tomb Raider movie was based on the 2013 video game, but was more cinematic and plot-driven than actiony. Which is maybe how it should be?

2015 was trying to show you the canonical way of fucking up your run.


I dunno, I heard they are making a second one, and maybe i will watch it when that comes out and compare it, cause I think Tomb Raider could be translated to a movie pretty well since the game is cinematic already.

This movie was clearly predicting the rise of Big Mooney’s kill everyone challenges XD


That’s very true. I think for that reason, out of all the Hitman games, Absolution would’ve been the best one to make into a movie because it’s cinematic and more plot-driven. But…y’know, it’s Absolution :stuck_out_tongue:

well that most recent HITMAN movie was really Absolution inspired IMO. Where as absolution wanted to be a drama and failed (depending on who you ask) this movie wanted to have a similar story, but be action packed. But the basic premise has similar beats.

Don’t forget the Doom movie

Angry Birds 2 crew unite!

Finally A Thread With Quality Content For My List.

  • Tomb Raider XXX

  • Left 4 Head (2009)

  • Cum Fighter

  • Erotic Bayonetta

  • Biocock: Intimate

  • Mirror’s Edge XXX

  • Whorelore (A.K.A. World Of Whorecraft)

  • Call Of Booty: Modern Whorefare (2010)

  • Final Fuck X (A Final Fantasy Porn)

  • Poké A Mom

  • Vice City Porn

  • Super Hornio Brothers

  • Geki Fit

  • Princess Of Persia

  • Brain Age (A.K.A. Dick Drilling Adult’s Lewd Word Self Training)

Swang’s Personal Favorite Because Of Meme’s

  • Metal Rear Solid: The Phantom Peen

Now this is what happens when the OP doesn’t specify what type of films he is talking about.

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They will. They didn’t consult with me about my script for MGS trilogy which is inside my head.

I have faith that Jordan Vogt Roberts will do a good job; he’s a fan of the material, close to Kojima and Skull Island was way better than I expected it to be.

Actually a half decent film, if nothing like the games.

I think the first one is pretty underrated, it’s easily the best of the series. James Cameron once did an AMA on Reddit and named the first RE film as his guilty pleasure. Looking at the film’s themes and characters, it really makes a lot of sense.

I denounce, I repudiate, and condemn this.


They’re all terrible.


All I can say is that we should all be grateful Uwe Boll has stopped making movies.


Dr. Uwe Boll made terrible Movies, but i really really like this Guy as a Person, when you take your time and watch some videos about him or interviews where they dont just make fun of him, you’ll see he is a very thoughtful person and very honest.

He also did this Fight me in IRL Thing where he destroyed his Critics.

But yeah, good thing he stopped making Videogame Adaptations.

You mean the ones he knew he could take on in a fight? Because if I recall Seanbaby of Cracked (a trained martial artist in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) took him to the task and Uwe Boll backed down. To say nothing of how insecure, stroppy and petulant you must be to physically bash people as a feeble means to somehow invalidate or dismiss their opinions.

And does an honest person exploit his nation’s cultural development fund to make shitty movies so he can write them off if when they flopped? Because if I recall his career ended around the same time Germany announced they would close that loophole.

That being said I heard good things about that schnitzel place he opened in Canada or wherever he is now. Oh yeah and his films sucked.


He seems like an asshole to me.


So just regular Bayonetta, then. lol