[VIDEOS] For fans of fun back to back Story Missions

I’ve become quite a fan of Story Missions that are relatively seamless to do back to back, especially if only one tool is needed that can facilitate good accidental deaths and direct kills.

This is the Marrakesh mission using Why We Fight and Honeycomb. I’ve dubbed it Zaydan and Strandberg get screwed. An interesting thing about Why We Fight I found is you can kill all but the one print crew guy who’s marked to follow. Even if he loses his marker by it, the mission still plays out, despite getting a “Mission Story Failed” prompt. This makes handling Zaydan unseen easier. You can also run to the print area after checking in with the perimeter guard to speed up Zaydan’s speech, then prepare for Honeycomb with a new disguise while waiting for him to return to the printing press.

I encourage anyone whom has similar themed videos of back to back story missions in same area using enrivo kills, overlapping tactics, or one tool, especially if there are time saving tactics that can be used, to post them.

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Here’s another in the vein of missions accessible in the same area with overlapping tactics and shortcuts on disguise acquisition. Kill methods only have slight similarities in that they are both readily available environmental object use. I suppose if you wanted to stretch it a bit you could say insecticide has a vague similarity with one’s deadly obsession for a Jasmine scented toilet bowl cleaner. :flushed:

I actually had to retry this several times to get around problems with the alarm and being seen obtaining disguises. In the end the solution was the order of the missions and overlapping acquisition of disguises. It was an odd conversation with the hotel manager, as if she couldn’t decide what a safe distance was. It seems clear the claim that women love a man in a uniform excludes exterminators. :grimacing: