Violent Video Game Tax *United States*


This situation has nothing to do with the first amendment nor ban on violent games. This is just the Gov wanting them to put a tax on games rather than banning them since they can’t. This isn’t an amendment issue. This is the unnecessary taxation of Violent Games alongside using poor excuses to justify it. So no matter what this wouldn’t reach the supreme court since this doesn’t infringe our basic rights as an American. So again you’re right that it won’t reach the Federal Gov, but it no matter what it doesn’t rule out the possibility of this potentially going through.


I’m paying 13% where I am. Finally others will follow suit (only). :joy::joy::joy:


There are countries (or state depending) stupid enough to tax violent video games?


Yes, but keep in mind the people who propose these type of things are disconnected and don’t know anything about gaming in general. All they know is when a kid does something that hurts others they instantly see they played GTA and blame it on that which somehow justifies their claim.


Interesting… Especially since sales tax in the United States ranges from 0%-9.98%. I didn’t know the 51st state that you and you only live in had a 13% sales tax.


Sales taxes are not a US only occurance many nations have these sorts of taxes my country Australia has a Goods and Services Tax of course GST is a service by service basis and not state by state.


I know that, hence why I made this thread specifically targeted for people in the United States. My reply was more as a joke lol.


Where did I mention “state”? :man_facepalming:


sorry you don’t read :slight_smile:


I simply stated I’m paying close to that so it’s finally time others do the same (jokingly, of course). So my comment was in relation to your sales tax numbers, and not “specifically” where, hence why I said “where I am”.

Try to keep up.


Yeah, this is an unneeded tax law.
I don’t live in the U.S. but this would be a pretty slimy move. Hopefully it wont get passed.

Though I’m with Immadummee on this one. Pray you don’t get that % bump since it’s not that great above 10%. Cherish that great 6% tax. Wow that’s low.
(Though up here in canada its worse what with the higher base price of games especially with higher sales taxes of over 10% in some provinces. 80$ games become 90$, etc. etc.)

  1. Pirate game
  2. Donate tax-free price to developers
  3. ???


Tax the gun owners for their purchases. Oh, yeah, I forgot. The NRA would lose their minds.


I blame Archie. Such a violent series! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, that’s a disturbing fucking concept. Sin tax my arse… who the hell do they think they are?


Makes them sound like some Holier-Than-Thou fanatics, doesn’t it.


Well you have clearly never read Afterlife With Archie or The Archie/Predator crossover then. Archie comics can be straight up violent


The only time US gamers have a disadvantage compared to other countries…