Voice acting and Language in [Hitman]


So after seeing both the Legacy Trailer and the Season Premiere Trailer, I must say IO has impressed me. I honestly thought after Absolution (wich was a terrible Hitman game) they would never go back to the true Hitman formula, having seduced the critics and people who had never played Hitman before. Not only they did go back to Hitman roots, but also the clearly showed they listen and take note of every idea, suggestion and complain fans make on the forum.
Now, having said that, I’m really worried about the NPCs voice acting.
Why does everybody talk in english being this a game wich idea is to “travel the world” and get an immersive experience.
Could they just be placeholders?
Is there anybody who feels the same?

All destinations feel like America! Hokkaido, USA and Bangkok Disappointment!

Its because its cheaper to pay 5 Guys talking English, than pay 5 english speakers, 5 arabic, 5 italienspeaker and 5 japanese Speakers.


I think it’s just too humorous and jokey the whole game feels like a joke. Need more seriousness in the next hitman games with the dialogs. The voice actors sound like comedians. The ones that aren’t main characters.

Dialogue & Voice Acting are fantastic!

I completely agree with the issue of voice acting. Now that the main issues (face, walk, timeline, beta, etc) have been resolved my satisfaction, this is now on the top of my list of priorities for the next game. Hitman games used to be famous for their attention to detail with regards to languages and there would be funny and often useful information that you could pick up if you knew that language; if not, then it was just of the immersion to hear a foreign language.


I must say you are totally right. Its ok some funny moment or funny dialog from time to time. But not the entire game


I propose that we wait with assumptions until the Paris location is released. When there ist no NPC talking French or at least English with French accent I will support every shitstorm.

But as far as I’m concerned, most of the dialogs we heard so far were placeholders and older hitman games respected languages of the relevant countries.


I think they will add accents only to the targets and their closest staff like bodyguards


Well they more or less have to. If important NPCs have to say something important, we should understand what they say.

But what are the reasons for your worries that there will be just american voice actors?


Well I can definitely see the benefit of people talking English-only, mainly because we know 47 speaks a crap ton of different languages. But I would certainly appreciate them talking in other languages, and if that is not the case then at the VERY least talking in (non-offensive, which means non-exaggerated, subtle) accents.

As for the “comedic” lines. Yeah, I hope we have more serious lines in-between in the final build. I don’t mind the “funny” lines like most of you, but how goes the phrase? “The dose makes the poison”. So basically, keep it in balance with the serious dialogue, so the game doesn’t feel like a joke overall. A little bit humor here and there, but not TOO much.


That is my main worry. Knowing they are now implementing these “Opportunities” I’m afraid they will force the NPCs to speak in English while that makes no sense.
It would be smarter to make them speak the language of the location they are in and subtitle it in english.

I’m worried because of what we’ve seen in the alpha gameplay, where every NPC talks in english, while being in Paris. That’s why I wonder (and hope) if they are just placeholders.


I wish they’d find actors who are good who maybe aren’t so established and are thus cheaper to use rather than use people who have gained some professional footing but aren’t very good.

No offense to the chef guy, but he’s hokey-sounding. Too forced. I can hear all the cardinal drama class pointers in his performance. He sounds like he’s doing radio commercials or something.


That would be a great idea for voice actors who are fans of the series. One day maybe with a bigger budget game, they could do a competition where the winners are flown out to Denmark and get to record their voices for some NPCs or a target.


The “Placeholders”… You still believe in that, guys?


I would be all over that.


It’s kinda stupid that everyone speaks full english, even in the mid East. :confused: It’s more realistic to get some english voice actors with a (italian, french, maroccan) accent. Not that realistic but it’s something.


Well the a lot of animations and models we’ve seen in the alpha were placeholders. So yeah, I believe.


I played the Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha.
The devs recorded the first dialogs with their own voices and replaced some of them with professional ones in the beta now.
So yeah, I think its common to use placeholders, especially when the beta we got from IOI was actually a real beta and not a polished demo (as some might have expected).

But as I said: I will sign every petition when I see no improvement regarding voice acting and animations on March 11.


I’m totally ok to keep only subtitles for “budget” reasons but please if you bring back French voices in H7 bring at least the good ones (Contracts/Blood Money voice cast which are the REAL voices), thanks :smile:


NPCs should speak the language of the location they are in, with subtitles in english.
It builds immersion and helps “sell” the world as more believable and immersive
Having the same English Voice actor over and over is kinda lazy.


“What are you doing here? This is France! Out, I say!”