Voice acting and Language in [Hitman]


you’re dreaming , buddy…


Yeah they need to tone that down. Otherwise it is not believable that they would just let you through without seeing through your disguise. I mean you walk up to them as cabin crew and he is “Cabin Crew? Impressive”, then 2 min. laster you talk past him as a mechanic and he is like “Mr. Mechanic”. That is not believable.

If they play on the concept of “people tend to see uniforms, not faces” then they have to make it seem like you are not paid a lot of attention to, almost as if they only see you uniform and then after a few seconds of “registering” you being allowed up focus on other people or other things again, otherwise it makes no sense.


What can I say…I’m an optimist. Or to paraphrase Kofi Annan:

The world is made up of optimists and pessimists. Let me assure you the optimists die happier.


What I was hoping was, that IO deliberately overdid it in the first two levels, since they are both simulations of real hits. This would mean that all guests and security are actors who will be paying extra attention to the initiate (47) being tried out.

Then again, why would the ICA, a top-secret organisation, have a bunch of half-witted comedians play the roles in a very serious, and to be fair, illegal training procedure to train professional hitmen?

I am all in for the special sort of conversations between the NPC’s which you can eavesdrop on, but when I see male NPC’s deliver witty one-liners and sexual intentions towards 47 constantly, I’m immediately being thrown out of the whole game’s atmosphere…

Absolution was a prime example of how I do not think it should be, and I’m afraid this will return in the new upcoming game…


agreed. The whole time playing the beta, it had this feel of being geared toward teenagers, who would think these stupid lines over & over are funny. I felt ZERO of the “seriousness”.


I am fairly certain the beta contained some placeholders. Hell there’s even a “Faisano is down” in there.
Now if you were to tell me that IO cheaped out on the dialog and just re-used audio from Absolution, I could buy that, but it seems bizarre that they would intentionally re-use audio that specifically refers to Absolution characters. Only as a placeholder could I believe that.

That being said I don’t think anyone should hold their breath for native languages in the game. I think it’s pretty clear by now that the opportunity system is based on listening in on conversations, which would certainly not be helped by people speaking some language you don’t even understand.

Personally I’d be fine with just local accents.


I don’t see why they couldn’t just subtitle foreign conversations into whatever language the game is set to run locally. IO doesn’t think very much of its audience if they believe we’re too dumb or lazy to read subtitles and that we’d really rather just hear the same 3 or 4 American voice actors reading for characters that are supposed to be French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc.


you actually heard that? wow. I didn’t catch that one. Maybe Faisano has new employers, since he was the outcast of the Chicago police dept.


It was speculated that the main villain had been effected by 47’s work. Maybe the antagonist is Faisano!


Best.plot twist.ever!


Isn’t it written Fizano?


It is actually, I’m just copying the Epicurean.


Fasano actually.


Hey, who the fuck knows with those wonky foreign names, amirite? (may or may not have wonky foreign name)


That sounded so British :stuck_out_tongue: You’re not from Kent are you by any chance?


Nope, I’m a Swede born and raised.


Sure it was Fizano in the subtitles when I last played. Besides, Fizano is the spelling used all over the wiki and elsewhere.

OT, I think the voice acting reflecting the countries/cities the missions take place in is just another one of those things not to expect much from (and be pleasantly surprised if it’s localized or at least well accented and immersive). Add it to the list of nail biting stuff we haven’t got confirmed like the sniper assembly from suitcase, additional animations, triggers and the like. I expect the same VA’s trying out accents in each level, for better or worse.


Now that the full game is out, it’s become apparent that the American accents are still omnipresent throughout the Paris level. I can buy the odd American, but seriously, having American catering staff? And American fashion assistants? And American cooks in the basement kitchens?

Come to think of it, I can’t remember a single French accent from the entire level.

For my money this is the worst immersion breaker in the game - even the trigger events feel more organic than having a delightful baroque Parisian chateau full of clunky non-descript American accents. IO please, please patch some French accents in at a later date.


I heard one guy who was German, or something. Near the doors of the bar area.


The American accents bother me. It really doesn’t feel like I’m in France when all the NPCs sound exactly the same as me. I loved how in Hitman 2 and Contracts, the NPC’s would speak their language and you wouldn’t understand them unless you had subtitles on.

The least they could do is give them French accents while speaking English, but I doubt that will happen.