Voice acting and Language in [Hitman]


The American accents bother me. It really doesn’t feel like I’m in France when all the NPCs sound exactly the same as me. I loved how in Hitman 2 and Contracts, the NPC’s would speak their language and you wouldn’t understand them unless you had subtitles on.

The least they could do is give them French accents while speaking English, but I doubt that will happen.


Prince Po has a slightly recognizable Asian accent.


Sure the game would be more authentic if NPCs actually spoke their mother language but it would also get quite annoying after a while. Do you really want to play a game always reading subtitles because you don’t understand 90% of the things they are saying? In the old Hitman games that wasn’t really an issue because NPC rarely talked with each other. In HITMAN, however, there are chatting NPC everywhere often giving the player hints about the map or the targets. Besides, I’m playing the game with German subtitles and half the time they’re missing because I’m not close enough to the NPCS or their dialogue overlaps with some other dialogues.

And let’s not forget that the fashion show and the secret auction are visited by people from all around the world. Now imagine a security guard giving directions to someone like the sheik or Prince Po in France. They probably wouldn’t understand one word. English, on the other hand, is the international business language and the most common second language of the world. So it makes a lot of sense that everyone at the fashion show speaks English.


Thats why I think it would be a good compromise if they just add some npcs with accents of the specific location, for example stylists who speak English with French accent in Paris or a waitor with Italian accent in Sapienza.


Agreed. At the very least, there should be a smattering of NPCs who speak in the accent of their native country, just to give each location a greater sense of place and identity.

In the Paris level, a good number of waiters, fashion designers, tech guys, security guards and party guests should have French accents.

And Helmut Kruger should sound German! I was so disappointed to hear that this male model icon/IAGO agent with a name like “Kruger” had yet another generic American accent. He sounded more like an American Youtuber than a mysterious European hitman leading a double life.


The best-german-Accent-Award in the Series goes toooo…Dr. Ortmeyer in C47!

Love his Voice! :smiley:


Someone already posted an idea that forum members of different countries could volunteer for a voice acting with their native accents.
Ent ei ken tell ju sat ei have good competencies to speak with a well-marked German accent.:stuck_out_tongue:


I can speak with a good English accent, but … there are already plenty of those in the game. :frowning:

However, on the bright side, people would probably think that I have some obscure Eastern European accent, because, according to these forums, more than fifty percent of the people can’t tell that the rival assassin from the end cutscence of the Paris mission is English. lol


At least we have “Mairie de Paris” on the dumpsters. But seriously if they need French, I’ll do it for free IO hire me!

Sidenote: They really nailed down how it feels to walk around one of this old palace. The baroque/rococo interiors are really well made.


I’m part of those fifty percent.


Definitely. So far he has the best delivery. Slight accent and his dialogue supports it.

“He is the sun and the moon, Miss Margolis, He does not complain” with a bit of an accent and you can’t mistake him for an American.

This is the sort of stuff they should do. Of course, if you do this badly, everyone will sound like a caricature or a stereotype, but there is stuff like sentence structure and expressions you can vary a little bit so that the people sound more Italian than American for instance, but are still understandable.


Well, at least when opinion is split 50/50, everyone’s got back up. “Hitman Forum: Civil War.” lol


I quite agree - I don’t think IO should go the whole hog and make everyone speak French. As you quite rightly say, an international fashion show would probably be hosted in English anyway. And moreover listening to NPC conversations is a key part of the opportunity system - that wouldn’t work if you can’t understand them.

However, the problem I have is that almost all the NPCs seem to have stock American accents, when this kind of fashion show would surely source lots of its staff from France itself. That’s before we even get to the guests, many of whom are also likely to be French. So having some French accents in there might help convince the player that they’re in France.

Anyway, let’s hope IO can use a little of that Intro Pack money to hire some French/Italian/Arabic voice actors :smile:


Of course I would. I’d much rather read subtitles than hearing the same god damn American voice in every room.


I have to say, I really like the Paris level overall, but the biggest mood killer for me is the american accents spoken by all these people that ARE supposed to be french. I’m american, but when I play this level I want to feel like I’m in france, and right now it’s impossible. It really is the biggest sore on the roof of my mouth, and it pretty much renders the whole globetrotting theme null and void. Which is very disappointing.

Again, accents by characters that are supposed to be local would remedy this enormously. I would be ecstatic if they actually went back and changed the paris level in this way, even after release, but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s the biggest immersion breaker imo, and for the sake of one of my favorite franchises, IO I beg you to consider making this a high priority!


Accents are great but they have to be done right. To me an obvious fake accent is far worse for the immersion than a French person speaking perfect American English. Take the Metro games for example: They take place in Russia yet everyone speaks English with a heavy Russian accent, which makes no sense at all. We know that everyone in the game speaks Russian and the dialogues are in English (Or Spain; or German; or France…) so that non-Russian player can understands what’s going on. With the accent, however it sounds like everyone in Russian decided to suddenly speak broken English for no reason.


Everyone in Paris speaking English with an American accent + all thinking they’re comedians really ruins the atmosphere. I don’t know why they decided to go the comedic route but honestly for me a few times I’ve thought to myself ‘this sounds like the bloody sims’.

Aside from that, this is an international fashion show, the predominant accent/language should be french, then american/english and a few others dotted in having private conversations.

IOI take note, if you’re listening.


The next Hitman game should get a Syncronisation like the Zelda games “bababa, baba”


Hopefully they’ll go back and patch this once they’ve finished releasing the levels or in between levels while they’re waiting for the next one to drop. But I’m not holding my breath.


Goodness me, that idea is solid gold. Imagine there not just being French, but some German, Spanish, Italian and perhaps even some Dutch in there as well. Imagine walking through the bar area and hearing all these languages!

As for subtitles, perhaps they could arrange it so that only the conversation 47 is looking it appears translated into English in the subtitles. That way you won’t miss any information and you have all the immersion a Hitman map needs. It’d be very realistic too: even if you’re a polyglot, you need to focus to make sure you understand everything that’s being said during a conversation in a foreign language. It would add another layer to the assassin fantasy: discerning information in foreign environments.

In the Marrakech map, you’d mostly encounter Arabic and French. And Sandberg’s language (was he Danish?). Perhaps a couple of Brits that are visiting from Gibraltar?

In the Japanese map you’d hear lots of Japanese, perhaps some English and Chinese?

The Indonesian map could pose a nice language barrier as I doubt 47’s Bahasa is good enough to make out what’s being said.

… but we’re probably going to hear Brian Kimmet everywhere =/