Want to jump in, but confused

I really want to jump into the series, but I’m lost when it comes to what games to play, and in what order. I’m playing on PS4, so where should I start?

For example, is Hitman 1 on the PS4? I honestly can’t tell because it sounds like it’s divided into seasons… what does that mean?

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Hitman 1 is on PS4, but if you intend to play all three I suggest you get Hitman 2 + Legacy Pack. The catch here is that you can play the missions of the first game inside the second. You will also benefit to keep your progress in H3 if you stay on the Playstation.


Is the Hitman 1 story included in the Hitman 2 + Legacy Pack edition?

Yes, the “Legacy Pack” is essentially the first game as a DLC for the second.


Gonna copy over what I wrote to you on Reddit.

Get Hitman 2 and get the GOTY Legacy Pack.
GOTY Legacy Pack gets you access to all locations from Hitman 1 (2016) within Hitman 2.
Way better than to play it in Hitman 1.

And yes it’s available on PS4.

Progress from Hitman 1 does not carry over to Hitman 2. So it’s way better to just do it in Hitman 2.
I recommend that you experience the Hitman 1 content in Hitman 2 instead.

Legacy locations in Hitman 2 has the upgraded game mechanics that Hitman 2 improved. And simple stuff like being able to bring a briefcase with you in Hitman 2, the Silent Asssassin rating is also much better in Hitman 2, there’s also a Silent Assassin tracker now.

You’ll also be able to use the items you unlock within Legacy locations in the Hitman 2 locations and vice versa.

All in all, you’ll get a much better experience by playing the Hitman 1 content within the Hitman 2 game.

To get everything within Hitman 2;

  1. Standard Edition + Expansion Pass + GOTY Legacy Pack.
  2. Gold Edition + GOTY Legacy Pack.

Hitman 2 Editions & dlcs;

Standard Edition:

  • Includes all the base game main locations;
    ICA Facility, Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek & Isle of Sgail + Himmelstein.

Gold Edition:

  • Includes all the base game main locations;
    ICA Facility, Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek & Isle of Sgail + Himmelstein.
  • +Expansion Pass, 10 dlcs listed below.

Expansion Pass:
Comes with Gold Edition and can be purchased seperately.
Includes 10 dlcs.

  • Locations: New York & Haven Island.
  • Sniper Assassin Mode: Hantu Port & Siberia.
  • Special Assignments Pack 1 & Special Assignments Pack 2.
  • Packs: Winter Sports Pack, Smart Casual Pack, Executive Pack & Collectors Pack.

GOTY Legacy Pack;
Includes all locations, missions, unlockables and everything else from Hitman 2016 to be playable in Hitman 2.

  • All main locations;
    Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado & Hokkaido.
  • Bonus Episode;
    Landslide, The Icon & A House Built On Sand.
  • Requiem Pack.
  • The GOTY content;
    Patient Zero campaign, 3 GOTY Escalations & 3 GOTY Suits.

-If you own Hitman 2016 Game Of The Year or Definitive Edition then you get GOTY Legacy Pack for free to access in Hitman 2.
-If you own Hitman 2016 Complete First Season or all 7 episodes (Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido & Bonus Episode) individually then you get Legacy Pack for free to access in Hitman 2.
Find out how you do that here https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-legacy-faq/


Ibbe, you should be doing the official ad copy for IO. That’s the best breakdown I’ve seen for the games. Nice!


On a PC/Steam platform, does anyone know whether you have to own the full H2 game in order to purchase the GOTY Legacy Pack for H2? Someone on another forum I’m on is looking to try a ‘current gen’ Hitman game but doesn’t want to commit to buying more than one of the games at the moment. I advised them that they should download the free Hawke’s Bay-only version of H2, and then buy the currently-discounted GOTY Legacy Pack so that they could have access to all of the H1 content plus Hawke’s Bay, via the H2 launcher (and then upgrade to the Standard or Gold versions of H2 later down the line if they liked the game).

The person followed my advice but has come up against the following message in Steam:

Does that seem right to you guys? Shouldn’t they be able to install just the free Hawke’s Bay version of H2 and still be able to purchase the GOTY Legacy Pack to play the H1 levels? That shouldn’t need ownership of the full version of H2 with all 6 locations from Hawke’s Bay to Sgail, should it? Or have I advised them wrong?

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The IO blogpost says you need to own the full H2 game. I heard in the past it worked with the demo, but that seems to be either unusual or outdated.


Thanks Urben. Looks like they should either dive in with a purchase of HITMAN 2 Standard Edition (currently £14.20 in the UK on Steam sale) then, or else buy the GOTY edition of HITMAN (2016 version, currently £8.42 in the UK on Steam sale) and then they’ll be able to redeem a free version of the GOTY Legacy Pack in H2 by owning original H1.

Thanks for your help. :+1: