Was Ambrose Island an apology from IO?

Only for him to go right back to doing what he did before… exactly like the other three times they’d had 47 leave that life behind him. I will never accept this as a smart story decision. Never mind my inherent bias at being upset over the loss of the ICA - that’s bad enough; it’s a stupid concept to apply to a hitman, who by definition has his actions decided by others.

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Frankly, I think they released Ambrose because they wanted to release Ambrose and there was no deeper reason than that. IOI wants to keep players playing and Ambrose did that. Even the complaining was still “engagement”. There was nothing to apologize for.


^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^


Think Freelancer was given to players due to the success of Hitman III. Like the post above states, Ambrose was given to players because it was probably already the intention of IOI to always release it.


you’re all getting hung up on the word “apology” and letting it distract you from the actual substance of the post. obviously part of the reason for the year 2 content being drastically different in format is to make up for the shortcomings in the year 1 content and its overreliance on missions that weren’t particularly substantial. whether you would call that an “apology” or not is subjective and irrelevant


Or maybe people just don’t agree with the idea of Ambrose being released to make up for the shortcomings of Year 1 because they don’t think there were shortcomings in Year 1. Different people like and dislike different things. Not everyone dislikes the stuff you dislike.


the year 1 content was a massive departure from everything we’d been conditioned to expect from the trilogy… it was pretty much a constant stream of one and done missions?

it’s fine if you like that but don’t pretend that a) that’s anything like what we had been given up to that point, and b) ambrose and freelancer didn’t mark a return to form in terms of the longevity of the content on offer

How much replayability was there in missions from prior to Year 1? What I remember is Elusive Targets (literally one and done, by design), escalations (no specific replayability there, in my opinion), and maybe some seasonal stuff (which was also available in Year 1 of Hitman 3. What was the big departure you’re referring to?

The Sins content could be considered one and done (though some are definitely replayable and I still do today) but no more or less so than what came before unless I’m misremembering.


I haven’t played any of the 7DS stuff in months. And the only replayability for that and the Escalations was speedrunning for #1. That’s it. Since Freelancer I haven’t been focused on that so I’ve disregarded a lot of content including the ET Arcade (shit is dead ATM), Featured Contracts, Escalations, etc.

I don’t even pick campaigns with Ambrose Island in Freelancer! :rofl:

But I was pleasantly surprised by that level.

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It’s fine if you don’t like the campaign missions of Hitman 3, but don’t pretend that your opinion is universal? I absolutely don’t think those were “one and done” missions. Of course I was happy to get Ambrose and Freelancer, but that was because I already liked the game, not because I didn’t.


Ah yes. I remember those H1 and H2 escalations that everyone would be constantly talking about because they’d be playing them over and over, week after week. :roll_eyes:

Most of H1/H2’s post-launch content was a stream of one and done (ETs, basic escalations and challenge packs). But yeah, lets pretend only H3 had that going on.

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re: replayability @schatenjager to be clear, yes every game has had post launch missions with limited replayability. but that also came with more substantial content eg. patient zero (which i admit was announced later like with this game’s year 2 content), holiday hoarders (this one is a stretch) and the H2 dlc. there was always something for everyone so to speak… that wasn’t there with the h3 year 1 content. it was very focused, and that’s fine for those who like that kind of content, but the year 2 content absolutely shifted the balance back and i don’t think that’s unfair to say at all

re: me “not liking the missions” @Diana47 the year 1 content refers to post launch, not the base game. and what i like or dislike is irrelevant to what i’m talking about

re: the “uniqueness” of 7ds @thrison you’re right that i was wrong to call it a big departure. see my point above re: balance in post-launch content for a better way of describing what i’m trying to say

Yeah I still disagree lol. I don’t think the post launch content was bad. I don’t think it was worse than H1’s or H2’s post launch content. Sorry to disappoint.

And of course it’s relevant what you like or dislike, because that’s what informs your opinion and your stance. You’re not some neutral, unbiased entity who sees things as they really are, unlike us who disagree, who for some reason don’t understand how bad Year 1 was.

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are you being difficult on purpose? i promise you i don’t care enough about this game to be driven by emotion on this, im purely talking about how the post launch content in hitman 3 differed from what we had come to expect

No, I promise I just disagree with you. I never said you were ‘driven by emotion’, I just pointed out that your point of view isn’t objective, but subjective just as anyone else’s. Sorry if that ruffled your feathers.


please point out what exactly it is in my comment that you disagree with, considering you turned it into an issue of me not liking the content (something i haven’t said) rather than actually engaging with my point

Seriously? Okay, hope this helps you understand what exactly I disagree with:

“shortcomings” was meant in a neutral way, the other 2 i corrected further up :nail_care:

I don’t know but what users expected from the post launch content seems more subjective to me than the actual reasoning for IO to release Ambrose, whatever it was in the end. Also because we are more divided than IO as the developer.

They did, in fact, decide to release Ambrose as post launch content.
They might, or might not, did so because we had, or had not, unfulfilled expectations after H3’s launch.

That’s okay, I just don’t think there were any shortcomings at all. I was happy (in a neutral way, of course!) with the Year 1 content, and I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand here. Right from my first reply I said exactly what I disagreed with.

I get the impression you’re taking this personal for whatever reason, so I’m going to disengage here.


i mean even separate from here i remember the backlash on reddit and twitter being horrid, i don’t see that not at least partly influencing their plans for the rest of the post launch content, as inappropriate as it was

@Diana47 ok, replace the word shortcomings with “differences”… 7DS and ambrose are different by many metrics and so by having both in the game they complement each other. that’s literally all i meant, i dont even dislike 7DS!!