Was anyone else hoping they would add a slow walk up stairs and seated fibre wiring animations?

This seems like a small thing I know but it seems that since Hitman 2016 all npcs have a slow walk up the stairs animation but 47 doesn’t. This means that when he follows npcs up the stairs such as part of a mission opportunity he speed walks up the stairs no matter how slowly you are moving him so has to keep stopping to let the npc get a little bit ahead. Kind of immersion breaking in such an amazingly immersive game.

And just a basic seated fibre wire animation would’ve been much appreciated too. Nothing fancy just a basic strangle as a slight alternative to the neck break animation which is currently in there and the target kicking their legs a little bit before dying.


yeah i was also hoping that they would also change the slow walk button to a toggle. maybe in the future


Ye I can imagine that being annoying as hell with a keyboard too. So few games have that toggle option too so people are constantly fast walking like they need the toilet in games like this on PC. Feels so much better with analog stick. The last game I can remember having a true toggle like that of this type was Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.


I remember people wanting the sitting fiber wire kills back in 2016, would have been great. IOI very likely tried to achieve it, but I guess they couldn’t figure it out. We DID get the briefcase though eventually, which was a major issue.

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Its not about that they dont know how to do it, but I bet they know and can do it. Its all about priorities, that small thing need a whole new animation set and this is quite complex thing. Its not about animations, but proper rig and variations depends on what NPC is siting.

For me its is also weird and should be implemented. But oh well…

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