Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


I am a small creator of videos on YouTube (not here to advertise, bear with me) and I have a series on my channel where I critique, analyse and recommend my own personal preferences/recommendations that the devs should have implemented in a game I (personal opinion) was disappointed by. I was disappointed by HITMAN, I’m just saying that now and it’s just my opinion so don’t kill me over that, I just feel the game could’ve been GREAT but wasn’t - it was a good and fun game, just had a lot wrong with it imo.

I do 1 of these videos a month and I was considering covering HITMAN (just the recent installment) next. I love this community here (if i type ‘H’ into my search bar this comes up first) and I know you guys are a very dedicated group of experts when it comes to the Hitman series, so I wanted to hear your thoughts before I commit to making a video about Hitman. (these videos take me a long time to write and edit etc.)

I would not want to disrespect this community or badmouth the game. The series I do is not about me bashing a game for 15-20 minutes, it’s taking a game I felt that could’ve been so much better not a game I hate or anything like that (I enjoyed this game) and critiquing it in a review style + recommendation style video.

I’ll stop rambling now. So how would you guys feel if I made a video titled “How IO Interactive Should Have Made HITMAN”?

This is not a “I know better than IO Interactive” video, this is merely the title I give to the videos in this series I do, it’s not meant to be stuck up sounding or anything. I want to stress that this will be an opinion video - I do not claim to be an expert about HITMAN but I know what I’m talking about when it comes to video games and this series too. I will not be discussing past games but I will make the odd comparison or mention.

Anyway I will shut up now lol. Have a great day guys and If you feel this would be a bad idea, then feel free to say so and I will cover a different game instead.


I’m interested to see how you feel this game was a disappointment. So yeah, go for it.


Thank you man. I will take that as a yes vote or whatever and keep track of feedback here. I wouldn’t want to do the video, post it here and then everyone to hate it. What I would like is for people here to enjoy the video and not that I want everyone to agree with it because everyone has different opinions and I love hearing different perspectives.

Just thought I’d ask first before committing you know!


I feel that it’s the strongest entry in the series, the overwhelming triumphs more than compensate for the faults.


People will almost definitely argue against you; but it’s always good to have feedback for the guys at IOI.


Oh for sure, I know my opinion of the game is very outside the box! I do think the game is very good but also a disappointment in a lot of ways (if that makes sense lol).


Well I personally can’t wait for a season 2 (fingers crossed) and I love IO as a developer. I’m finding it hard to describe why I would cover a game I liked but also felt it was disappointing, the best way I can is if I give an example: Batman AK was the first game I covered. Was it a good game that I enjoyed? Hell yes. Was it as good as the other 2 Rocksteady games? No. Was it flawed? Yes. (All just my opinion)

So that’s kinda how I feel about HITMAN…sorry If I’m terrible at explaining myself


In my opinion, Hitman 2016 was a great game until the 2 last patches.


I’m curious, what did the last 2 patches change for you?


The very wide view cones and the patches made agent 47 less killable, i liked it when we had to be careful or we could easily die.


To me, AK took many steps backwards from it’s predecessors to the point where I wouldn’t even say I liked it (coming from someone who loved AA and AC). They put so much emphasis on the terrible batmobile system that it hurt the established gameplay we had come to enjoy from the previous titles. Despite some missing features, a ton of bugs and some questionable patching decisions I would say that Hitman 2016 built upon and improved the classic sandbox, trial-and-error gameplay that Hitman has always been known for. That’s my opinion, anyway.


Ahhh this is the patch that MrFreeze talked about a while back and was (rightly) annoyed?


I don’t know, haven’t watched videos from @MrFreeze2244 in ages, but it could be the same patches.


After I did my video about AK I actually realised I preferred Arkham Origins…which was blasphemy :open_mouth:

Yup I hated the Batmobile, simply because it was forced upon you for what felt like 75% of the game :confused:

Thank you for your opinion, that helps me a lot to hear every perspective!!


Same man, it was a good while back - honestly can’t remember which patch it was


I think it was this update who made agent 47 into a tank:


or this:


And this update corrected it a bit, agent 47 is just a half-track tank now:



Why was it a bit disappointing (for lack of a better word) for you? :slight_smile:


Was this an attempt to bring back combat into the games? In the sense that 47 had very little health and died v quick in combat/shootouts


47’s health has already been (slightly) fixed though, since the very recent patch that made @ingrobny so sad, and it’s also due to be changed again, in the pursuit of balance. They make changes and monitor the reaction.

I don’t like or agree with the way IOI do things (I think this kind of thing should be decided before the game is made available for sale) but that’s what they do.

So, if you’re going to make a video called “How IOI should have made Hitman” you could either mention the constant changing of game mechanics, or cover topics that have been laid to rest already, and are not going to change any time soon, like the horrendous vision cones, the removal of flying fire extinguishers, the Lancer’s ability to shoot through walls, or the fact that there is so much going on at any one time that the game can’t compute 47’s position fast enough which results in the player being seen through walls etc etc.


That’s why i said agent 47 is now a half-track tank, not a full size tank he was in the previous patch.

And that is what Bungie is doing with Destiny and that was one of the reason why i stopped playing Destiny and that is one of the reason why i stopped playing Hitman 2016.
It can take forever before IO-I is finding the perfect balance, if there is one that is.