Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


Yes. HITMAN was somewhat of a disappointment to me. Those leaked screenshots from far before the reveal looked very nice. But with the actual game… It is very easy to notice that IO had a smaller budget this time, and with SE leaving recently, I hope it doesn’t impact season 2 too much.


It is far from complicated. But a bunch of us already told you in your other thread about that.
Not to start a pissing contest, as you put it, but faulting the game for not paying attention is not fair IMO.


Wesker, you don’t ‘tell people’ and magically change their opinions. That’s just how the world is. I mean, what you’re posting there is not even what I am criticising in the ‘dissapointment’ thread.

I don’t intend to ‘tell you’ that your opinions are wrong, even if I may disagree with them, so how about you return the courtesy?

This is what I mean about a pissing contest. This forum gains nothing from you coming over here to post that, let alone from me responding to it.

So I’ll just leave it at saying you are free to stick your head in fan, outside of which I have no particular comment.


Nope the game isn’t a dissapointment to me.
Sure it get’s a bit boring when you just play a location just over and over again just to beat one challenge, but all in one Im happy that this game is a success. And I think if you know much and discovering even more about this game, the game will be getting even more funny when you try to make some mischief. I also like the escalations, that forcing you to use your own creativity. And at the right moment I absolutly can’t wait what we will get for season 2.


enough! hitman in my life apart from the music of certain games.


Choosing a game as your “GOTY” is hardly a neutral or unbiased act in the first place. You’re picking it to be your game of the year because you love it. If you love it then it is likely any flaws don’t bother you very much, comparitively.


Smörgåsbord*… Smh.


I would rather have Hitman 2016 exist the way it is, than not exist at all. So no, it wasn’t a disappointment.


Too bad Mel Blanc is not still around. The man of a thousand voices.


This game has absolutely Not a disappointment at all for me. Since I got the game last year (when all the episodes were released) I have basically been playing that game and nothing else.

I have gone through all the missions and done a few contracts, tried creating a few, and taken on a few elusive targets. With new contracts, challenges and bonus missions the game keeps getting refreshed.

I am now trying to get through the escalations which is a game in itself with all the modifications.
But, I have yet to grow tired of this game. Oh yeah then there is PRO level which I will tackle eventually.



Some parts were good, some parts were bad. The bad outweighed the good. So YES, a disappointment.


  • Gigantic levels and all the stuff that comes with them. Hundreds of targets, all with unique routes to memorize, dozens of ways to kill people, etc.


  • Horrible inventory and upgrade system. Grind for hours and hours just to unlock new gear instead of finding it in the game world. It feels like a fucking MMO where I have to kill 3000 pigs before I can unlock the Sword of Gandolfar and start fighting a dragon. It’s a single player game! I shouldn’t have to play the level 50 times just to unlock a cool bomb or a knife.

  • Shitty story (then again, it’s a Hitman game. The stories always suck)

  • Awful UI and menu design. That map is a bitch to navigate.

  • Bad animations and sound effects. I know their budget was low…but come on…

  • Content hidden behind a “playwall” which is fucking stupid. Did you buy the game late because you just weren’t into Hitman? Too bad, motherfucker. Have fun never unlocking these cool suits.


Those 5 irrelevant tiny nitpick complaints outweigh the good?

You are the weakest link


This is not right. You don’t have to kill all the time for level mastery. It also encourages more exploration and doing challenges amongst other things.

And you yourself say,

Why is it a grind then? It’s good replayability in my opinion. If items were lying around to be found, you’d probably miss playing through the levels again following different routes and other available killing options.


You are the weakest link


I am the most elite badass Hitman player in existence before the “soft reboot” happened in 2012.

C47, SA, C, BM … I was a master. I understood and appreciate Hitman to the core.

These games have no score system and online connectivity, there’s no way for me quantify how good I am/was. Believe me or not, it doesn’t matter.

But to dismiss my arguments on the basis of “you’re not good at the game” would be ludicrous.

It’d be like dismissing Gary Kasparov when he critiques a shitty-looking chess strategy.


Every Hitman since H2 has a score system complete with SA rating.

I somehow doubt it

Tell me where i said you’re not good at the game.


Every Hitman since H2 has a score system complete with SA rating.

What I meant was some sort of online leaderboard system that compares you directly with other players.

Tell me where i said you’re not good at the game.


I somehow doubt it

You are the weakest link


Saying you are the weakest has nothing to do with your skill



Like a fool I clicked that link and read it. A fool.


Yes it was. Cuz of the inconsistent lore, change in characters and one sided inclination of art style. It looks like a bond rip off.

Rest is very good, gameplay and yada yada.