Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


I will be sure to mention all of that in my video. I’ll put that in my script outline tonight, thank you for your contribution man :slight_smile:


If you have a fresh angle to provide, I’d say it’s very welcome.


I will do my best to! Have there been a lot of videos discussing HITMAN’s flaws etc.?

Or is it just that it’s spoken about here a lot because personally I haven’t seen all too much on that topic here, but I may be wrong :slight_smile:


I think you will find some threads here, but you must do a bit digging, this is one of the latest threads:


Definitely no. Anything better than Absolution is no.

Hitman 2016 better than Hitman Absolution.

Hitman Absolution is where I feel absolutely disappointed.


HITMAN 2016 is better than Absolution but I still feel it was a disappointment to me regardless of that and taking the game and looking at it in it’s own right. Comparing it to Absolution is giving an unfair advantage imo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ah yes that’s more specific that’s fine. I was wondering was there already a repetitive and boring discussion similar to what I was planning on doing. I wouldn’t want to bore people


I haven’t seen that many videos on that particular subject, and quite honestly I might just not watch them if they seem overly biased, one way or another.

Negative opinions are voiced here too, but they aren’t perhaps centralized in one or two threads. If there’s a flaw, it preferably has it’s on topic. But there’s a bunch of things people bring up all around this site (and others) when they happen to notice something they don’t like. There are things that some people don’t like, and others like, and vice versa.

Personally my biggest ones were maybe story and too lax difficulty and tension, but the first complaint that comes to mind which is maybe more commonly expressed here that weaponry and gunplay was weaker than in previous installments.


Thank you for your opinion, that is again very helpful! :slight_smile:


Personally I think the game is good, awesome locations. The graphics are great.

There are some threads that could be useful to your video:

View Cones. IO please respond (as mentioned)



Thank you very much man, one of the very reasons this community is so nice - very helpful!


I didn’t liked the game at first, but patches fixed a lot of broken/unimplemented mechanics. Overall it’s not as good as Absoluton, but not as bad as Blood money. It’s like perfect mix between Hitman Codename 47 (AI) and Hitman 2 (graphics).


For me, it’s a yes and no. I enjoy it and I do play it a lot, but I’m frustrated with having to make excuses for it when it was advertised as episodic releases of “finished and polished content.” I still feel like I’m waiting for it to improve.


It’s a dissapointment in terms of music and story (a little bit).
Overall though it’s imo the best Hitman game.


For me its a 50/50. Wonderful maps, great graphics but lacks of weapons, the icon Blackballer they used to advertise the game was absent from day 1 till today. Repetitive rewards every time the same identical thing but in a different shape. No dark environment, NPC always joking around trying to be funny. Must say pretty disappointing but I still like it because its Hitman.

I really hope they can make a masterpiece this time with the new season, adding everything that was missing in season one


Certain aspects are obviously disappointing to me, but as a whole, no. I love the game, and think it’s the best in the series so far, and also contains three of my absolute all time favorite missions (masterpieces in design) in the series.

Like others have said, stuff like the missing Briefcase could be aspects that are disappointing.

Escalations are quite hit-and-miss in my experience, with a lot of it being based on how the Escalation is designed (some of them I have thoroughly enjoyed, others have been a chore)

I also feel like two of the levels are of noticably lower quality in terms of design / design choices.


In my list from bad to worst he’s somewhere in the middle, and that means it’s okay, because all hitman games are good :slight_smile:


Just like the very thing you keep asking and asking for?



Because for me it matters.
I want to believe that Square Enix is to blame for holding them back. But I’m not hoping for much more with season 2.


Hey @YaIrishMick96, i’m a big fan of the franchise and has been since i was way to young to play these kinds of games, and sure, there are things about HITMAN 2016 that i was disappointed with because i felt it was moving away from the ‘good old days’ (which in my oppinion is even before blood money).
But i’m curious, what do you find disappointing about the newest installment? :slightly_smiling_face: