Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


Personally, yes. It was a disappointment for me. The biggest reason is the fact that we were promised a polished experience, but the game still doesn’t feel polished.

Other reasons are: always online thing, only a handful of voice actors, the contrast between the seriousness of the cutscenes and the silly dialogues in game, unclear release schedule,…


Did you get these the wrong way round? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am very happy with it. Sure after 1k game hours I have found my problems with it, too. But compared to what the game is able to deliver these issues are just small details.


Hitman 2016 was overall my game of the year, easily. Sure it has flaws, but what Hitman game has ever been perfect?

Hitman’s current patch on the other hand is not something I love, I’m with @ingrobny on the health/combat changes. I was willing to entertain the idea to buff 47 a little or to tweak enemies but they can’t get it together. Taking 10 pistol shots and multiple shotgun blasts isn’t how the game should be.

Combat worked in the old patches, even if it was a little weird how enemies shot so fast and were insanely accurate. Now 47 is a stupid tank and I am bored to death when I try to load up the game. And I don’t want to have to play the very awful pro mode to have interesting combat. :rage:

I think IO ignored the best way to add difficulty which would be to add completely fresh npc scripting, which honestly is needed for a difficult or tense experience. There’s not enough “moving parts” in each level; each little zone has its own mostly static NPCs and there are very few roaming npcs that traverse large parts of the map. I almost never feel worried about being walked in on as I’m subduing an npc. Instead they just added a ton of tedious mechanics and added mostly static guards in places that are annoying. Not fun.


Colorado and Bangkok?


I’ll have to save that for the video of course if that’s okay :wink:

There were a lot of things I really hated but overall it’s still a good game, just has some glaring flaws that stopped it from being great e.g. some poor levels, NPC voice acting etc.


Yeah. In my opinion they are noticably less replayable. These are the missions I almost never revisit anymore.
Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh and Hokkaido all still get visited by me quite often. (while I think Marrakesh is the most flawed of those four I can still find fun stuff to do there).


Disappointed it’s been out for almost a year and a hslf and they’re STILL fixing it. With some things it appears unlikely they will get fixed (wall hacking in particular). Also disappointed in contracts mode. It still isn’t on par with Absolution’s version. But it also exceeded expectations, map size and graphics are awesome. Lots of other pluses and minuses but overall I’ve gotta lean on the disappointed side.

But I still have confidence in S2.


Not at all disappointed. It’s certainly not perfect and could use some improvements here and there like the always online requirement being my biggest problem, but weighing the pros vs. the cons, it’s the best one of the bunch that captures the sprit of the series and puts Hitman at it’s peak IMO.


It was in a lot of aspects. I miss weapon customization, a currency system, difficulty levels (I believe PRO mode was very poorly implemented), plate carrying, briefcase, binoculars, sedative syringes. I do not like wallhacks, redundant gear/explosives/weapons, overpowered subdues, combat, shooting, 47’s health, the existance of a handholding at opportunities, the new contracts mode, episodic format.

Overall, many things I saw on early alpha footages that ultimately were not featured in the game, and the game being a delayed “super polished AAA experience” that failed entirely to be at all polished.


Overall it wasn’t a disappointment, but the game WAS rushed by Square Enix to keep up with their ridiculous release dates and schedules. Lots of missed opportunities development wise, lots of removed content, lots of things still feeling… “weird”.

But the game is great regardless.

Visual design is incredible, everything looks and feels as it should. You have no doubt that “That carpet is a realistic looking carpet”

Audio is insane, some levels like Paris where the fashion show music’s bass is heard throughout most of the mansion is a nice vibe to sneak around in.

AI is incredible, can be buggy sometimes but you can’t integrate AI without trial and error. Some NPC react ridiculously fast, but that’s how people are sometimes.

Game’s great. Buy it as a whole for whatever it’s price is for the moment. It’s worth every penny.


Hitman (2016) Season 1 is not a perfect game. This forum is filled with enough complaints on those issues.

My answer is a solid “No.” In fact, Hitman (2016) is one of my favorite games in the last decade. The gameplay and core mechanics are intuitive and solid. Every action is made to feel satisfying, with an incredible soundscape to match it. It has some of the most natural voice acting I’ve heard in a long time, coupled with genuinely comedic dialogue. I find the soundtrack to fit the game perfectly, and it seems to be perfectly integrated into the game too!

The story takes a slight backseat to the gameplay, though we know there’s at least another season to come. And where people complained there were only a handful of cutscenes, a TON of the story is told within the game itself. Thoroughly exploring each level not only rewards you with alternate routes, items, unique kill methods, disguises, Easter Eggs, etc… it also gives you hours of dialogue that builds the world and connects all the levels in both directions.

Again: Season 1 is not a perfect game. And while I worry about the future of ANY online-only game, I still think this game is an absolute grand-slam by IOI, and proves that they understand what makes a game fun, engaging, and replayable.

I’m genuinely excited to see where Season 2 will take this game!


The Game isnt a disappointment for me, its great. the only thing that pissed me off was the confusing advertisement, that “infographic“ and that always online bullshit.

The Game itself is pretty damn near to perfection :slight_smile:


After months of waiting a better PC configuration i’ve finally been able to test the game deeper than the first tutorial levels (that are pretty good anyway) :smile:

And all i can say by far is that the real next-gen Hitman is here!!

Way better by far than Absolution and the legitimate sequel to Blood Money!!

What an amazing and joyful surprise to finally see 47 back in the game :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to try more of the game and post a detailed review :+1:



It was not a disappointment. In fact it was the opposite.


It’s actually was on opposite of disappointment curve. Even lower than Blood Money disappointing, which is pretty low. In stealth game category it stands somewhere between Thief 4 and Dishonored. Despite all of that I kind of liked Hitman and it 2017 July Pro Mode version. Completely new game, not like Hitman 2016.


HITMAN was GOTY 2016 for me and a very pleasant surprise. I had low expectations for the episodic release and I decided to buy Intro pack a few hours before the release (still got Requiem Suit, neat-o).

Then I played 10 hours in the Prologue and Paris and got hooked. Then I bought the rest of the season and participated in all of the events and ETs along the year.

That was one of the best rides in my history of gaming. Can’t wait for Season 2.


After a period of abscence, I am back.

HITMAN is a FANTASTIC series elevated to be one of the leading stealth franchises in the video game industry. It takes a rather odd approach to stealth; rather relying on the shadows like Splinter Cell (which I am currently playing through after transitioning to PC from PS4 a few months back), or tactical gameplay with tranquillisers and cardboard boxes like the Metal Gear Solid series (pretty great games), it focuses on social stealth and adapting to the environment and disguising yourself as a security guard or a personal bodyguard to get to your target. HITMAN 2016 combines stunning visuals and gameplay and provides a nostalgic experience for fans that have been there at the start line of the series. It was never a disappointment with fans such as myself being stunned at the craftiness and meticulous design by the developers to bring levels such as Paris, Hokkaido and Sapienza to life with various paths to take to either poison, shoot, strangle, stab or push your target to their death. Traditional stealth games have a macho angry US government agent carrying out tasks against insurgents or some generic angry Russians who want to blow up the world with nukes. They usually have settings such as a grey military base or infiltrating a generic military outpost while HITMAN takes you to exotic locations such as a prestigious Japanese hospital in Hokkaido or a colourful, vibrant Italian port city or even a seemingly impenetrable farmhouse guarded by believers of a radical environmental group which you can infiltrate and learn seemingly useless details such as their future plan to kidnap high value targets by ramming into a limousine and shooting the guards and kidnapping said targets. You can even partake in a training excercise to practice being part of the raid. These seemingly useless details add detail into these levels and the number of approaches, community made contracts, support by the devs and beautiful locations make HITMAN a game far from being a disappointment and rather exceeding initial expectations as HITMAN fans eagerly await S2 by polishing their Silverballers, practicing their shooting on guards and civilians, strangling chefs and janitors ready to take up future contracts.

TL;DR HITMAN is a good game and not a disappointment to me.


HITMAN theory of BATMAN!

Hitman: Codename 47 = Batman (1989) (“A new take on a genre catches on and gains a loyal fanbase”)
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin = Batman Returns (“More of the same but with a more personal story”)
Hitman Contracts = Batman: Gotham Knight (“smorgasbord of different things in no particular order”)
Hitman: Blood Money = Batman: Mask of Phantasm (“Good story, stylish, not that big a seller, but has strong following and has high reviews from critics”)
Hitman: Absolution = Batman & Robin (“killed the franchise. Overuse of color filters.”)
Hitman (2016) S1 = Batman Begins (“the franchise is reborn!”)

HITMAN S2 = The Dark Knight? (“box office record breaker?”) :blush:



Take it from a Swede… it’s smorgasbord. :slight_smile: