Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


Bear in mind this thread was made much earlier in the season, so the statistics may not be the same now.


HITMAN™ (autocorrect win) wasn’t a disappointment to me. It’s my most played game in a long time in fact. But there are certainly areas that can be improved on for next time.


Yes that’s my only concern. I see a lot of people here overly praising the game. I mean if they think it was their GOTY in 2016 then great they enjoyed it, but they are extremely biased and definitely ignoring the game’s big flaws.

Was it really better than Uncharted 4, Inside, TW3: Blood and Wine, Dark Souls 3? Probably not.

I just hope people who think the game is perfect and GOTY material go bat-shit on me when I criticise it :joy:

p.s. I do praise the game for what it did well.


That’s all about taste - and Blood and Wine isn’t even a game :woman_cartwheeling:


I know that but I just threw it in there since it is critically regarded as a game in it’s own right due to size, date of release etc.

And to answer your taste statement, that’s why I said Probably


No i don’t think that is the case, imo they focus on the positive aspect of Hitman 2016, every games have flaws these days, so if you should judge a game by flaws, bugs etc, then no games would be a GOTY.


Yeah, I understand.

Also, it’s very possible people that regard HITMAN as their GOTY 2016 (I certainly do, but only the pre-headturning patch) didn’t even play any of those games you’ve listed :stuck_out_tongue:


But ignoring a games flaws completely and focusing just on the positives means every game would get 100/100 on Metacritic because they all have some positives.

Critically you have to be neutral and there are a lot of people here (expected) that are not neutral which I was referring to


That’s true man! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Agree, the two latest patches made the game less GOTY for me.

You don’t have to do it completely, but focus only on the bad can ruin every game out there.

And many games is getting hight scores no matter how broken the game is (not SGW though), and a broken game dosen’t mean it’s a bad game, a good example is Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 a awesome game, but a bit broken, but i still love playing it despite all the problems.


I’m not saying focus only on the bad, but you have to take it into account, you know?

I can’t say much about SGW 3 never played it, but I don’t think HITMAN is broken, or even bad of course not, I think it’s a good game (with flaws) and I’ll be getting season 2 if they show me improvements etc.



Here is proof I love the HITMAN series, this is a piece of my channel banner :yum:


I’m not, if i really like a game, i play it no matter what flaws it has, but if a developer is changing the game too much for my liking, then i just stop playing it, like i did with Hitman 2016.


I know you might not, but I’ll state again I am talking strictly “critically” you HAVE to take a games flaws into account.

I’ll try putting this into an example. If ACG (well-know reviewer, all round great guy) reviews a game he has to look at the game objectively and highlight or mention the games pros and cons.

As a player you are experiencing a different game, you will set those flaws aside and enjoy the game, but a critic has to analyse a game 100% so when people watch their review, they know exactly what game they are buying.

Does that make any sense? :slight_smile:


Yes it does make sense, i usally watch playthroughs to see if i like the gameplay, the voice acting etc, bugs and flaws is in every game these days, so i have learned to live with them.


Let me clarify this opinion. The game is good, but the bad thing are really bad. I love the game and most of his maps. The showstopper is a really good mission, you can see IO put a lot of work in that one, same goes with Sapienza. The game plays smooth and the story is very interesting. I can’t wait for it to continue but it takes so long. :frowning: I also like the look of the signature weapons (but totally not the fiberwire, I mean where is the wire even??). The silverballer and WA2000 are on point. Sad they still both need their buddy (the dual silverballers and suitcase.) And there is so much choice of assassinating the targets. Never been this much ways of killing targets.

What I very much dislike is ofcourse the NPC dialoge and lack of different languages. The dialoge is way too silly, it really hurts when a guard is talking like a clown in the colorado militia camp. And the lack of languages and accents, god I loved them in the older games. Was playing contracts yesterday and one thing I loved is how the pedestrians in Hong Kong really talk Chinese and they communicate in Chinese, not knowing what they say. I love that! In Hitman 2016 there is or some silly shit or some dialoge hinting at opportunities in some way. And that makes another bad thing. The whole game is scripted if it comes to unique assassinations. The only non scripted kills are (some examples: ) the electric pools, falling chandeliers, push over railings and so on.

Also, Colorado sucks. It doesn’t have a good hitman vibe. It’s literally a sack of shit thrown at your doorstep to me. Bangkok also wasn’t good ether. I really love the look of the hotel, they totally nailed that! But they totally fucked up the inside of it. There isn’t even a swimming pool.

And last but not least, the vibe. Every NPC is a clown and the whole spy thriller thing is so not hitman. The game shows almost all the good in the world, while agent 47’s world should show all the bad. The missions in this game are like: throw a bad guy in a fantasia world map. I wanna have a gritty map with a gritty target ala the meat kings party. A target can be a bad guy, but if the map is too bright it doesn’t catch the feel. Also the older games felt more mysterious when you were hiding in the shadows. Now you can’t. Hell some NPC’s even scream “found you!” when they see you.

TL;DR a good game, fun assassinations and enough choice. But the lack of seriousness in the game allmost kills it for me. :confused:


i agree with you at Bangkok, but i have lots of fun with Colorado, i really enjoy the layout and design of the map, even when all the Targets suck, Rose is a Terrorist that isnt even armed and doesnt fight back…:smirk:


Nobody thinks the game is perfect, and not sure why you want people to go batshit crazy on you.

I definitely think HITMAN is my GOTY 2016, despite it’s flaws.


I feel like the cons in this game is kinda… more obvious to the players (like the accent, X-ray, eyes-behind-the-head and the subdue-to-punch).
It might explain why several people do not like the game.


Yeah don’t worry, I can tell I’ve had the year long battle with fanboys on here in denial over mechanics of the game, especially at the start. And episodic fashion. Even its predecessors.

People like myself pointed out missing mechanics like dual wield, holding trays, human shields, looking through keyholes, cameras working properly (now fixed in pro mode). And typical responses were of “don’t care” or “47 doesn’t need two guns”. LOL

Yes they are extremely biased and hate it when people are critical and truthful about negatives of the game.

Just do the review and as long as you’re honest and provide examples and evidence. It’ll only make them look stupid as it has in the past :slight_smile:

You want to see the early days of HITMAN and peoples responses to genuine criticism :joy: