Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


Now that the novelty has worn off, I have 0 interest in playing this game. I haven’t bothered with pro mode and the last 5 elusive targets not to mention the botched contract mode and the atrocity that is escalation mode. This game was great at release and had me really hopeful, then came Sapienza which still stands as one of the best level in the franchise. I must say I had a lot of fun.

After that though it seemed that every time the game took one step forward it took two steps backwards (utterly confusing updates, poor level design, the story going nowhere and being complete shit). This game’s cardinal sin for me has always been its atmosphere and lack of trueness to the franchise which I have already discussed.

So to be fair I wouldn’t say that the game was a complete disapointment… After Absolution I didn’t have a lot of faith in the current IO team. But with that said it’s certainly not the game I would have hoped for and its one of my least favorite and least played Hitman game.


Same here, but i needed to watch playthroughs to find out how to tackle the map in a best way :flushed:.


Can you elaborate on this? I thought the level design in HITMAN was by far the best in the series, and I’ve seen very few cirticisms towards its level design.


I think it’s fair to say Hitman 2016 has some of the best level design in the series in Paris, Sapienza, and Hokkaido. The other three main levels are of lower quality, at least for what I desire in a Hitman level.

While the final product isn’t all bad due to how well they designed Jordan Cross, the level design of Bangkok is my least favorite. Trying to move around Bangkok is a lot less fun than Sapienza or Paris. My choices and avenues for routing are more limited in Bangkok than any other level.


Exactly,Bangkok had so much potential being the hotel level but it ended up as the most boring level in HITMAN,don’t remember the last time I played it,it’s so tedious.


HITMAN™ was definitely better than Absolution for me, so it did not disappoint me when I completed all the levels. I had a bad feeling when it reminded me of Absolution a lot due to the controls, but later on it just felt a bit like all the old style Hitman levels with a more up to date modern feel. I loved how many references to older games it had, so in the end I can definitely say it didn’t disappoint me as I’m keenly waiting for season 2.


Being honest, the Himmapan doesn’t feels like a hotel at all. Few rooms to explore and many serve little to no purpose, specially since half of the hotel is closed because of the fummigation.


Contracts was still the best game.


Am I colourblind or something? I don’t see any purple guns. I see black and grey guns. But I don’t see purple ones. That’s not saying that most of them don’t look the same, they do.


I don’t want people to haha


I see blue guns :stuck_out_tongue:


The level design (apart from Bangkok) is actually masterful to be fair


I’m sure that some season 2 targets will be armed. After all, they listened and made one of the Sarajevo targets armed.


Blue/purple. I dunno they just strike me as plasticy. Not only in color but design too.


god look at those reversed sights kekekek

Compared to


Colorado is a clusterfuck, Marrakesh has too much dead space, so does Sapienza if we get over the fact that it is beautiful and Bangkok is a lesser Paris. Yes the levels are huge. Are they better? I don’t think so.


You have this way of thinking, that a game can’t be loved and goty material if it’s flawed. It would take me an ungodly amount of time to rattle off every problem I have with Hitman, it’s still my king of all games.

I’m curious, in your “disappointment” video, are you going to make a list of issues and skim by everything the game succeeds at?


I 100% agree…too many design decisions rubbed me wrong way TBH. Level design is the best in the series IMO but the actual systems and mechanics irritate me. Also some details are lacking for me, the things that helped create atmosphere and an awesome tone that struck a balance between renaissance man assassin and the fear of being caught etc. (both musically and aesthetically).
Interested to see what struck you as disappointing design-wise etc. (I’ll avoiding mentioning my issues specifically with the game design and systems as I do not wish to accidentally bias your view etc.)


It’s worth mentioning, though, that a lot of “dead space” on these levels is used in the contracts, ETs and escalations. And they were created with that in mind.

Also, bonus missions that breathe life into these previously unused parts of the levels. Marrakesh at Night is the best.


Only thing that disappointed me, really, was the abundance of humour in the game. I like some humour in my Hitman, but I don’t want every NPC I walk past to make some not-so-witty comment about 47’s appearance.

Oh and the accents/lack of voice actors.


HITMAN didn’t disappoint me at all.

The thing is, Hitman is my favourite game series, and we hadn’t got a good Hitman game since Bloody Money in 2006. That’s a decade. 10 years. A 3rd of my entire life.
And finally when this game did arrive, it had some of the best designed levels ever. If people don’t have at least one of the 2016 levels in their personal top 10s I’d be surprised. It would surprise me less if they had 2-3.

Are there issues with HITMAN? Of course. But I can’t think of a single Hitman game that doesnt.

After a decade of awaiting (and Absolution in the middle, like a bit of rancid meat in a burger) i’d given up hope of a new Hitman game in he vein of Contracts or Blood Money, and we got it. And all with missions that vary from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ to ‘Masterpiece’

The only thing I would say is disappointing are he constant medalling with mechanics and the fact that everyone who bought the game on day 1 are essentially beta testers. And always having to be online.

Does that take away from me getting Hitman back?..not at all.