Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


I will highlight and contrast what the game did well e.g. “poor levels like Bangkok are a contrast to the masterful level design in Paris, which is a shame”.

Of course a game can be a GOTY for someone if it’s got flaws, I just think that it’s got too many flaws compared to other great games that came out.


Of course. When I call Hitman GOTY 2016, it’s individual.

To become GOTY for everyone it needs more polishing. Gladly, not much from where we are standing. It may potentially become that by the end of Season 2.


I find the idea of “dead space” kind of weird personally.
For instance, I love Hokkaido, but one of the problems I have with it is that is so tightly designed that it feels unnatural and cramped.
I find a nice looking town square (for instance) to walk across to be very valueabe for the experience as a whole.

Large distances (and thus also larger areas that are bound to feel like they don’t contain the same amount of “stuff” per unit area) are also needed for the snipes to feel good.
I know sniping in a lot of the older games just felt silly to me because of how short the distances were (I actually really like the King of Chinatown in Absolution for instance, but sniping him in the pagoda from the drug dealers apartment is just… ugh… I can make the shot with a pistol without any problems).


It’s just a proper Contrarian YouTuber strategy.
This is like a woman agreeing to get nude for cameras to score hits.

I’m curious how he’ll deliver. :stuck_out_tongue:


Contrarian YouTuber? Sorry I don’t understand that, if it’s a dig at me then I don’t know what’s up with you but there’s no need for that :slight_smile:


You really think Square would allow them to make the game episodic but refuse to let them add more guns…? Makes no sense.


Then why didn’t they add more guns?


How would I know? You’re the one claiming it’s Square’s fault so the burden of proof is on you here.


I’m claiming I believe it might be. Maybe something to do with budget I don’t know.


What guns have to do with Square Enix being a publisher?


More guns? We are drowning in guns in Hitman 2016, agent 47 have so many guns that he could start a war with North Korea just by himself :joy:.

Maybe IO-I didn’t want new ballers beside his trusted silverballer? I don’t know, but even we want SE to be the big bad wolf, i don’t think SE dictated what guns Hitman 2016 should or shouldn’t have.


We basically have 1 shotgun and its modfications, 1 SMG and its modfications, 2 assault rifles of which one has A LOT of modifications.

Only sniper rifles and pistol have some kind of variety and uniqueness.

It’s not even close to Blood Money or Silent Assassin levels where there about 6-8 DIFFERENT assault rifles.


Was HITMAN a disappointment?

noun: disappointment

sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfilment of one’s hopes or expectations.

By that definition, no it wasn’t a disappointment.

My unchecked expectations of “new” IO-I were met. It was made by majority of the people who made Absolution. They did the job of listening to the criticism of Absolution: Focus on what made the franchise great in the first place.


I can’t escape the feeling that the game could (present tense) be 10 times better that the state it is in now.

Some of the decisions made along the year long path we’ve been on just leave me thinking wtf? There are a substantial amount of legitimate issues that get ignored and or when questioned about are usually met with the term “priorities”, then later down the track a feature or change nobody requested gets developed or implemented.

If that’s priorities then maybe the order of priorities needs looking at?


Hear hear is all i need to say :blush:.


Purple toy guns don’t count as real fire arms


Hahaha true, with reversed sights it will be hard to hit Kim Jong Un :smiley:, i believe @scm97tl’s theory, the blue (maybe purple guns as well) guns is disposable after x number clips, because the gun barrels is also plastic :joy:.


Just wanted to reply here in case anyone is curious.

I am just finishing off the final touches on my script and I should get the video finished by my deadline. This has been my longest script yet as I have spent double the time on this one because I want to be absolutely certain that I give you the video you guys deserve! :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who supported my suggestion about this, I really hope you all enjoy watching when it’s out :grin:


Hitman is not only my choice for game of the year, but game of the Century.
I can think of no game I have enjoyed more than this one.

I now have over 300 hours played in this and I am still not tired of it.
And I still have the final episode left as well as the PRO mode, escalations, contracts, etc.
I love the different level designs of each map. Each map presenting different challenges
than the previous one.
I can’t wait to see what they do with season 2.


Which were barely used apart from Redemption at Gontranno because they were unsilenced, the game isn’t fucking Call of Duty.


^^=Episode 1-6 voice acting. :slight_smile: