Was HITMAN (2016) a disappointment to you?


but he did understand what everyone said. it pisses me off that they dont have native speakers in the different locations, but i imagine that 47 Language Skills are so good, that everyone sounds the same for him :sweat_smile:


If you’re referring to the first 4 games, I thought Codename 47 made that clear with HK’s Chief of Police. People saw 47 as a European man, and in turn talked English when possible, Contracts adding that 47 didn’t know Chinese when approaching the pagoda in Slaying a Dragon.

Then again, the debates come in whether Contracts should be taken very seriously or not due to the high possibility 47 wasn’t remembering the events all too correctly blah blah blah.

This is how it made sense to me, at least.

EDIT: and just to say, I don’t doubt that 47 KNOWS different languages, but going off of Wesker’s comment I doubt he knows every language in the world.


I completely understand and agree with a lot of the arguments here. I would absolutely adore more voice actors. And while there is SOME non-English spoken within the levels, it’s certainly background noise and not dialogue.

When I booted up Marrakesh, my very first thought was "Okay… those voices don’t feel right."
And while I agree that it’s not perfect, I don’t allow my critique of those features to poison my love of the others. I still think the voice acting that’s in-game is done great! And the writing and dialogue is well-designed and clever!

The phrase “suspension of disbelief” comes in heavily during situations like this. The ICA doesn’t really exist. Cloning of humans doesn’t currently exist. Cops don’t shoot you to death because you turned on a stove. Hell, shooting a car with a gun won’t blow it up! All of these are added to the game. To “gamify” the experience. They’re “building a world.” Sure, these things don’t exist in real life. But in this game, they do! It’s part of this world!

So where you’re totally fine accepting completely incorrect things within the world of Hitman, you somehow draw the line at: “That guy doesn’t fit my idea of what I think someone from Morocco should sound like!”


Nope. Things like Always Online DRM, Denuvo, Episodic model were and are the biggest critique when it comes to the Hitman. Voices don’t even come close to these even with Denuvo removed and Always Online nerfed.


Even if you exclude these criticisms I’d suggest that “accents” was far bigger of a critique than “lack of voice actors” and definitely bigger than “silly dialog” which I honestly don’t hear very often except from a select few people on here.


Lets not forget this game has no Platinum. That was one huge let down for me.
Some of us in here are trophy hunters.


They voice acting is actually really good. I would much rather hear npc respond to what happens in the world around them, because they say some pretty awesome things now and then:
“I’m hit! I’m hit!.. oh wait, no I’m fine”
Silly stuff like that works so well with the otherwise serious theme of being an assassin. And not only that, but it makes the gameworld feel “alive” (what a cliché) that npcs actually react accordingly to what is happening around them.
Screw accents and foreign language and keep it awesome :sunglasses:


I was kidding though :wink:


The first 4 games were boring and bland for dialogue. H6 dialogue really opens up the game and makes it feel alive. Old games had nobody else on screen that talked. They were all cutscenes. So it’s easier to have that.

So they decided to go this route and have the game feel more espionage where eavesdropping was a big part of tactics. Something they never did before.

Less actor/more dialogue > more actors/less dialogue

A much bigger impact on gameplay the way they did it as it was a big part in the direction of the game.


Nearly ANY of the previous Hitman games are enough to understand why a company would never ask an actor to perform an accent they don’t already know fluently.


Not only Hitman. Just Cause 2 was infamous for its awful accents.

As for the ealier Hitman games - I lose my shit each time over Sergey’s voice over.

— PIZDISH! (Which doesn’t mean “Come again?” at all no matter what subtitles say. It’s a very strong profanity in Russian most closely translated as “You are fucking bullshitting me”)


First of all - my eyes bleed when im reading people post how that game was disappointment, and how older games was such a great games, far better than this one. That older got dual ballers, or suitcase, human shield and bla bla bla. It wasn’t - It’s nostalgia that drain your brain.

Hitman - World of Assassination (which i’ve used to name it), its best Hitman what ever was made, got almost everything which people ask for years. I’ve work on Hitman Asylum a fanpage for 17 years - i exacly remember what peole asking for future Hitman, and we got it. Just poeple are such ignorants and malcontents and can’t appreciate that.

Of course new Hitman got hes problems, and disadvantages, but overall its awesome game, not perfect, but better than anything else we had. And like some one said before:

But compared to what the game is able to deliver these issues are just small details.

There are things that was disappointment for me:

  1. Voice acting - i appreciate that we got tons of dialogues, but i hate feeling that i’m not foreigner in these levels. It’s destroy immersion - of course i’ve used to that over 700 hours, but if they wanted to everyone understand what NPCs say they could put a specific dialect. But no - we hear british accent all over the place. They fuck up.

  2. Weaponery - it was something that i’ve used to love in Hitman games, a bunch of diffrent and egzotic weapons, where every location got diffrent set up. That almost every weapon got diffrent feel of gunplay. And now we got reskin of reskin. Three that same shotguns with little diffrence, few sniper rifles where after unlock WA2000 no one use any else etc.

  3. Money system - I love that challanges, but why they put silly mastery system that totaly doesn’t fit to franchise? They could add money instead, where we could buy stuff, and reputation which will unlock certains weapons and gadgets.

  4. Missed potential of location design - some of places like Bangkok, Colorado or Marakkesh are great locations, but i feel that they could be a much better. For example - Bangkok (which i can’t forgive), instead of that same four floors where nothing happening, we could have a garden with temple, beach and even a great swiming pool with bar. That place have such a potential! They wasted it. And all of that - they put that same music from Paris…

  5. Contracts - got some few great ideas, but overall that from Absolution was way better, got that money system which i miss, better scoring, you could use any outfit you like - that was important to make good backstory for your contracts. In new contract system there is nothing that motivates me to play, no awards, no challenges. They did one step forward, and two steps backwards.

  6. Escalations - Its something that just don’t work. I don’t like it at all, there is few escalation which are great, but the rest are such a abstract arcade bullshit with no sense at all, and poor designed. Instead of escalations they could put mini-missions where in few steps you prepere hit to one of targets, where you got little back story (for example you need to eliminate Valerie st. claire, a contract from IAGO), but first you need find evidence and clear the way). Or even take idea from Sniper Challenge and put some little missions with that idea.

Overall i love that game, and can’t stop to play it. And you know what? I love that feeling that game is very similar to Blood Money, but overall it’s diffrent and i think we don 't need another Assassin’s Creed where every game is almost that same. One of best things in Hitman games is that - every game is fresh and new, but still have strong roots of Hitman universe.

And one more thing - The episodic system is one of the best things that could happen to this game. In this case i love that, and i hope they will stay with that business model, it fits perfectly with this game.

PS: don’t mind my english, im work on it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say HITMAN was both disappointment, and success. I’m not going to write.muxh now since I’m on mobile, but I’d say that HITMAN suffers from many disappointing aspects, but still manages to be fun.


So did the guy make his video? I might have been interested in listening to his opinions. Next time he should just write them down instead of drawing attention to opinions he or she hasn’t shared.

Since we are talking about the voice work, yes they are not good. I actually think they are quite detreimental, as it destroys any suspension of disbelief when Thai etc people are speaking with very strong American or English accents.

In other situations the accents fit, but the writing is undergraduate and terrible really. Takes you out of the game with the attempts at Deus Ex\Nolf chatting. Would have created a lot more atmosphere with the usual muted and short conversations people engage in at work.

My biggest dissapointment was how ‘busy’ they made the game as a result of trying to make everything bigger and better. Unfortunately it was probably an over-correction to Absolution, which I don’t understand as I thought they sold a shit ton of them. Perhaps they couldn’t risk more criticism along those lines.

Anyhow that is somewhat a muted criticism. I understand they made the game under some duress, and it is probably quite fortunate that they still made a good game. But I expect things like the voice limitations, and perhaps overcrowding the levels as they couldn’t make enough content and had to rely on episodic release, were at least partly due to financial problems.

I would however like to be clear that it is a very good game, and has certainly breathed life back into the Hitman series and is a worthwhile inheritor of the legacy. Another entry like Absolution might well have meant the end of the series, as it would be just another generic sneaker\shooter, with comparatively poor mechanics.



I’m in the process of making it. I have exams and other commitments to juggle at the same time, so don’t rush me.


It was a very big disappointment for me in terms of straying away from the orignal storyline.
For details in relation to where did the story go bzonkers and contradicted the previous titles i would refer to this blog. Story arc problem in all levels.

The gameplay was fine, just needed old style brutality, longer animations and vibe.


Honestly, I just wish the game was a bit more darker and serious. I love the humor, but it can get dry if it’s always like that.

The game always had the humorous tone, but if the game was more darker, the humor would stand out more imo.

Also I would love if we had the weapons from Contracts.


Im not disappointed at all, instead i truly think this Hitman is the best Hitman game so far…! :slightly_smiling_face:


I never played Absolution, so I watched some youtube videos, and I understand now why the game is. It’s very much an incorporation of Absolution into the Hitman 2/3/4 games. The developers clearly are evolving from the Absolution base.

I don’t think it works. It tries to combine the freedom of the old games with the restricted movement of the Splinter Cell-ish Absolution.

It sort of ends up being the worst of both worlds, as they are relatively incompatible play styles.

Not saying that invalidates your opinion if you do enjoy it, and I’m very much not here fore a pissing contest with the young adult crowd on this forum, but for mine it is weaker than the other games, accounting for the era in which they were made. These games tended to balance well the puzzle\stealth recipe that is their signature. I’m playing them now.

Accounting for era, the first game is probably the best, as it had the strongest plot. The narrative focus drives the urge to complete the game. The Hitman 2016 plot made little sense. Unfortunately those cutscenes would have cost a fortune, as they were likenesses of the real actors. This money clearly should have been spent on NPC voice acting, and perhaps in retrospect, would have been.

Hitman Season 2 will be more of the same. IO have a clear vision of the sort of game they want to make.


I entirely agree that the levels are not better for being huge. It only results in them being more complicated, as they are packed with content.

Some of the levels in the previous games are physically ‘huge’, but they are not complicated. This is a good use of space, to provide atmosphere and a sense of place.

Hitman 2016 is not a complex game, but it is a complicated game. Similar criticism could be levelled at the Splinter Cell games.

It’s been interesting to read some of the comments in this thread