Waste of money?


I pay up for my Xbox live Gold
I buy Hitman2
I go through training
I have pay to progress. That sucks just paid to buy the game.
I play yard birds thinkng this game is good.
I try to play Miami and it will not launch. Kicks me out of game

I come to the forum and see many people complained about this.

Do I see a fix or any news when it will be fixed. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Is it planned???


Go to the Xbox Store, search up “hitman 2 miami”, then check if it’s installed. If it is, hold the power button on your Xbox until it turns off, then turn it back on again. If that doesn’t work, ping Travis


I am new to the forum. How do I ping Travis?


Just preface Travis_IO with the @ symbol


Try unplugging the Xbox and leave it for five minutes. If that doesn 't work try resetting it.


@Travis_IOI Miami Crashing


This needs to be in #hitman-technical-support. Also, your approach to this problem isn’t the best. I doubt that Travis will use his time to respond to your individual problem, but who knows. Have you followed the steps that @Aegis_Chrome gave you?


Yes I followed them without success.


I don’t know how the Xbox store works, but, to my knowledge, H2 isn’t an episodic release and so you shouldn’t be asked to pay for individual locations. Can you play any other maps? If it’s just Miami that’s not working, then your installation may be corrupted, especially if the system kicks you out of the game.


They’re the steps that helped me, sorry that they didn’t work for you. Good luck :slight_smile:


you dont need xbox live or ps plus to play Hitman, just sayin :slight_smile:


You need PS+ for multiplayer Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode.