Watch Dogs: Legion (Oct 29th, 2020)

Well for some reason, the original discussion thread from last year has gone. Considering we are 4 days away from Ubisoft’s conference event, let’s get excited with the confirmed appearance of WD series!


And please allow me to start a discussion about an interesting image. Here’s a leaked image from reddit, showing the newly designed interface for recruiting npcs.

The most intriguing thing I found is uniform access. This could mean the game will also feature social stealth, where you can dress as a worker or a guard to bypass a restricted area. Well finally, a disguise system for this series.


Yeah I just saw the uniform access, that would be a great mechanic to explore


Indeed. I am still fascinated by the ‘play-as-any-npc’ mechanic of the game. I think if HITMAN series was described as the closest experience we can get as a spy thriller James-Bond-ish video game, then this one could be an open-world counterpart of such theme, with some other elements like dystopia, cyberpunk, or just playing as grannies and committing mass murder (disclaimer: I still want my 1st playthough of this game without casualties). :wink:


Here’s another leaked image from reddit, showcasing a changed interface of team screen. It’s not confirmed yet if the perk system shown last year will be removed, but the updated UI seems clearer.


From what I’ve seen, the hacking element is definitely taking a backseat this time around. Of course there are certain NPC’s (well, I guess not any more) that have hacking abilities, but stealth, combat and driving are all being pushed in Legion.

It looks to be a fantastic game, but not a watch dogs game; I guess that’s why they named it WD Legion instead of WD3

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Which of the following playstyles are you looking the most forward to in Watch Dogs: Legion?

  • Enforcer
  • Hacker
  • Infiltrator

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I think you’re missing the category of “badass stealth with Grandma” :smile:


Huh. I wonder why the old thread disappeared?

Ah well, I’m excited to hear more about Legion since it’s been basically a year of silence on any new details. I’m staying away from those leaked images, wanna see them for myself during the stream on the weekend.

This game does seem pretty interesting nad I’m wondering how they might pull off a story using a bunch of random NPCs (though the footage from last year explaining how there’s like 8 different types of scenes that might play out with various voice actors and character models made it sound cool and ambitious)


But badass stealth with grandma is not a playstyle,

It’s a lifestyle.


Yes, the dev mentioned that last year. I recall Saints Row IV featured 6 sets of voice and deep character customization, but I don’t think there were difference of animation or motion captured scene between male and female protagonists. So it will be indeed interesting to see how Legion pulls it off.

It was rumored that Legion struggled to find more voice talents due to COVID-19, hence the delay. But I personally believe the hardest difficulty they have faced is still the “everyone can be the protagonist” feature. They showed a recruiting mission for a drone specialist Jimmy in E3 2019, but how will it be when recruiting more drone specialists? Will recruiting missions differ from the last one when recruiting similar characters? And will there be less campaign missions just because there are too many recruiting ones? There are too many questions popping in my head. :joy:

That’s one thing I was really hoping this game would have. If you also look at the third special ability, she’ll be able to get people out of prison. I can’t wait to see how the recruiting mechanic goes.

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It seems Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t have a thread in this forum, so I thought I’d just post it here

Reluctantly bought it during the Summer Sale (Because all the reviews said the story and characters were crap, and half didn’t like the comical nature of the game), and it took me several hours to get into it but I quite like it and am glad I bought it

Although it annoys me you can’t get rid of that awful half-goatee the character has, and you’re forced to wear glasses the whole time, I hope the next game fixes that!

Also, the next game should probably have more consequences for if you keep being caught during missions/killing people. And this is one of the first games I’ve played in a while where the melee option is a lethal takedown, not a KO (That threw me off a little)

Oh, and anyone who tunes into the Ubisoft stream live will be given info on how to redeem a free copy of WatchDogs 2

But yeah, considering how much I’m liking WD2, I guess I’m looking forward to Legion! Although I know nothing about it except the screenshots in this thread


There is a way to get rid of the glasses, although it may take some effort. Don’t worry, the reward for this process is definitely worth it! After you unlock the Shuffler outfit, the no glasses option will be available in your wardrobe. :wink:

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I only played WD2 and it felt like a smaller GTA. Okayish but it did not do the trick for me.


I rather feel like games in the same or similar genre learn or copy from each other. Even GTA does the same when they updated their online version with some downloading-data-from-enemy-vehicle missions (Gunrunning & Doomsday Heist, to be precise). WD2 took elements like Californian environment from GTA V, and jumper and drone from FPS genre games.

In any cases, as far as a game can distinguish itself from its competitors, I won’t mind purchasing multiple titles. I think what WD2 did better than V is environmental design, like tourist hotspots, gang hideouts, and more explorable shop/company interiors.


My favorite thing to do in Watch Dogs 2 is to sit right outside of the building, watching as the guards lose their shit trying to find who is stealing their data. Setting random knockout traps to keep them guessing. I haven’t found any other game I can do that in


Probably too much arguing over Brexit or something heh

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Shit I figure if I say my favorite thing to do is visiting a strip club, then it won’t make any difference from GTA V (And to be fair, V has better quality of… um nudity).

I also like the stuff you mentioned. The game allows many methods/approaches to complete objectives without being spotted. I found it more exciting when hacking into other players as well. But in addition to that, I also like how you can call cops/gangsters on enemies to trigger a gunfight and distract them. Fooling everyone and just clowning around is kinda the point of the game.

You know, this is probably true. I didn’t recall the previous thread had many arguments in it, but after announcements and marketing for this game went silent, I didn’t pay attention to the thread, thus not knowing it being removed.

I had to go back and check to confirm wd had strip clubs (I remember GTA having them from the hilarious clueless gamer Conan did where he kept trying to get revenge on the bouncer.) They do, and are actually topless (which always makes me wonder how they pick areola color, just go with their own, or a wife/girlfriend, maybe the engine has an areola pink? )

I’m a married man in my 30s, who lives in a city where real strip clubs exist, so digital breasts haven’t done more than make me think about color in engines for years.

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