Watch Enthusiasts

Hi everyone!

This thread is all about horology and passion for watches.

Please feel free to share pictures of your favorite watches or the ones you like to wear.

This is also a place for any recommendation requests or watch-related questions.



i’m assuming you wear a watch; which one?

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When you feel too poor for a thread… :slightly_frowning_face:


I have a small collection for now. It goes from Casio to Omega.

Right now I’m wearing my new Seiko SKX009 with the Pepsi bezel.

Fantastic watch!


Dude are you reading my mind?! Lmao, i was just browsing luxury watches. I have a few watches that my dad gave me as a gift. Its a Rado Jubilé.

But, im a sucker for dark, leather strap watches :smile: sleek, sexy and stylish.

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Btw I’ve browsed through a few watches and gaddamn, love the craftsmanship. But, haven’t started to save for my next watch. What will you suggest for me? Something thats sleek but not too loud, suits a young and dark style personality.

I consider myself somewhat of a watch guy, however after my Seiko automatic suffered a catastrophic failure, I’ve been only wearing Casios.

F91W is the current daily driver, but I’m considering getting the W86.

Nato strap. Compass. Lightweight and simple.


My main watch is an Apple Watch, but i have a nice little collection of Police watches that i barely ever wear lol. I have some of them to match with certain outfits and suits, but others just because i liked the look of them and had the spare money at the time.

Dope thread idea.

This is my daily

This is my fancy, even tho it isn’t haha

Pics ain’t mine.

No. 1 watch dream is a navitimer


Great pieces

I have one similar to your daily, a Casio DW5600E

The Hamilton is a nice field watch and it reminds me of a CWC G10 watch.
(The one issued by the British Forces)

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Mate, I love that Casio it’s amazing. Only gripe is the adjust button is hard to press.

The khaki is awesome too, really nice wind feel.

@BierceProsnan dude, you have to share your whole collection. What Omega do you have


I’m a big fan of the Seamaster Professional 300m mostly because of Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough.

In GoldenEye, Bond wears the quartz version

For the rest of his films, he wears the automatic one

I have both models