We all know your map ideas . What are your Opportunity ideas

So basically the title . There have been some great ideas for maps posted on this forum and I’m asking for your ideas for Opportunities in those maps

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Easy socially awkwardness kill 47 embarrasses I guy in front of people they die of being embarrassed

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Put too many laxatives into a turkey and the target literally shits their guts out.

I’m glad we didn’t have that option in Meat King’s Party.


Never posted a map idea in HITMAN Forum, at least that I recall. But: Shoving the targets head into a ice-cream… blending machine… thing… while they are checking out the icecream. It would make the icecream turn reddish. Also, the ability the drown someone in the toilet and then dump the toilet water out of the plane. In a plane level.

ANNNDDD… The ability to spray your target with petrol at a local petrol station, then throw a match at him. Provided you have a match.


Make a target kill himself. He’ll do the job for us.

Suicide is painless…

Not to be taken seriously, of course!

General ideas are: 1) make them requiring at least a bit of skill or timing; 2) add choice and variativity to them.

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One of the Partners faked heart failure right? Well wouldn’t it be interesting if maybe he has a pacemaker, and we could make his heart explode by activating enough devices like microwaves and such. Or alternatively, like the curator there’s a switch which will give a boost to his heart if it goes too low, we can wire that device so that it can continuously speed up his heart with each click of the mouse, and then BOOM! Massive heart attack

Well the idea is that the device will revive him if his heart rate goes too low. So either you can turn it off and give him a heart attack by shocking him, maybe near death experiences will give him a heart attack but unless the device is turned off these shocks won’t work. An example of near death experiences would be going into lockdown or if you miss an accident.

Now an alternative method is to find a controller for this pacemaker, or an EMP or something. Now this could be like the Curator’s medicine or it could just be an ordinary laptop or console computer. You’ll press the rebutting that usually interacts with things, like the right trigger or Y button on Xbox. This will speed up his heart by administering the same shock that revived him, but you’ll have to do it multiple times in succession or his heart rate will go back down to normal. Now this could be guarded by people or be considered an illegal action, but you also have to have him near the device so perhaps you have to be around a corner but that runs the risk of getting caught. Something like that