Weapon Customization

It would be nice to see weapon customization in the next update for Hitman 2. I want to remove or equip silencers from my silverballers anytime I want. Also, the striker pistol will look a lot better without that muzzle break. Please IOI, let us customize our weapons like in Blood Money.

I’m 100% sure it won’t come to hitman 2. Maybe hitman 3.



But it’s a good suggestion and I would like to see this too. But…


It would be great if they did. -__-

Most likely it won’t happen (Hitman2) because they would need to redo the engine for the game to add these features. That’s why we didn’t get the briefcase in Hitman 2016. Soo we probably need to wait until Hitman 3 or whatever gonna call it.

the only customization i want are unlockable skins. i’m also ok with the current reskins if they’re not listed as separate items anymore.