Weapon Designs and Ideas

On the old forum, I was known for creating Minimalist weapon designs during the Hitman 3 news drought. This is simply a repost of all the designs I have done:-

  1. Customised Silent Bolt Pistol:-
  2. Nail Gun:-
  3. DePrez Viper and Covert

  4. Paintball Gun
  5. Electric Water Pistol
  6. Blank Pistol
  7. Mauser C96
  8. Minam 7
Two-Handed Guns
  1. Tactical Bartoli 12G Covert:-
  2. PP-19 Bizon:-
  3. Magnusson Bronze Reserve .22 Caliber Rifle
  4. UT-17 Tactical Covert AR
  5. Blackwall Integrally Suppressed .22 Caliber Rifle
  1. Explosive Teddy Bear
  2. Bayonet

And, Two bonus memes that I made also during the drought :smiley: :-

Bonus Memes

1)@Mini’s Response to @YourGudBudNel’s Post:-
Original Unedited Image by @Niobium
2) The plot of the Movie β€œHer” (By Dawood Rangan) in a nutshell:-

The movie poster in question:-

Made by @IndianAgent47.


And Oh, I almost forgot. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
This is a thread where you basically make Weapon Designs and Ideas for Hitman Games. :slight_smile:

Not my idea, but here are some concept arts for H1 in case if anyone wants to get inspiration from the in-game weapons.


we should be able to use big guns as melee and also be able to throw them (to transport over some fences, for example, or to distract people etc.)

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to notice the elephant in the room, weapon upgrades should be there instead of infinite reskins we have now. preferably, with a proper money system