Weapons and items from locations we want unlockable

This is a thread to discuss which weapons or items that can already be found in one or more locations that you would like IO to make unlockable through a challenge pack or escalation. Please try to stay on topic.

Edit: Talking about future mastery unlocks is okay as long as the item is already in the game.

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I want the Vampire Magician suit. I just love it.


Jaeger Covert from Ghost Mode; unlocked via the Legacy “Master Sniper” Challenge pack in Sapienza.

We’re already getting Wetsuit from Hawke’s Bay, so that just leaves Training Gear from Prologue and Patient Zero.

You don’t want them to overdo it by spamming us with a bunch of duplicate-but-reskinned items that will barely be used like they’re already doing.


The one item I’ve wanted most is the katana. Come on IO just bring over the challenge pack from Hitman 2016. I’ve also wanted the two Golden guns in Hitman 2 that being the Golden shashka a33 from Santa fortuna and the Golden sawed off bartoli from the bank.

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I do agree that they’re spamming to many items you’ll never use and never asked for. That’s kinda the point of the thread give them good ideas so they’ll stop giving useless items and give us items we actually want unlike a fucking feather duster.

I immediately thought about certain NPC costumes. In other threads people have talked about the idea of going into a level already in a waiter or a guard costume. That would be pretty powerful, but no more so than the starting locations that come with a costume already on. People have also mentioned the idea that you could put a costume in your inventory (either just bc or maybe you’d need an empty briefcase to conceal it).

But as far as non clothing items, I’d really like to unlock letter bomb and I’d also like a rat poison. I know we have emetic poison, and maybe even emetic pills??? so it would just be a reskin, but this it Hitman!!! Rat poison is one of the few things that has been in every game. We should be able to unlock it.

I don’t really think you should be able to start anywhere in any outfit from the mission. Not only because it would be to powerful but because outfit unlocks should be unique and special not just a crappy looking guard outfit.


It would also be nice to start with different tools like a crow bar or screw driver. It would actually be useful and IO isn’t opposed to it since the made a wrench unlock.

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It would also be nice to get the Ninja suit from Hakido or maybe a totally unique one. We just need a ninja suit alright, and the katana to go with it.

I could agree with you that some would be very powerful, but lots of things in this game are OP. The ones that top my list now are the phone shocker, the custom 5mm, and the Paris starting point “at the iago auction.” That one should totally only be available if you go in without your weapons.

There is no point in the sedative syringe it is completely useless.


My main point is that the suits you unlock should be special something you would want to wear. I just don’t think that you should be able to unlock random outfits from maps.

I hear ya, what do you think about the rat poison idea? It’s a reskin, but one that tips it’s hat to those of us who have played since C47. Maybe even make it look like the box from C47 instead of the tube it’s in now?

I’ve never used the Custom 5mm in my life, It’s a noisy basic pistol, so if you use it people will come running and ruin your SA, yes? Or does it count as silenced?

In any case, frisk points are pretty easy to get around with if you have a non-smugglable pistol

Not now that the SA rules have changed to include poisons. While it’d be niche and mainly used for puzzle contracts (e.g where you need someone’s disguise but they have to wake up so you can kill them a certain way), it’s still worth having the option.


I want the beak staff from Mumbai so I can kill people with bird bombs and bird melee while wearing my spring break bird outfit.


I’m not really sure since we already have two reskins of emetic poisons. It would be kinda cool but I’m not sure it would justify the time IO would have to put in to make a challenge pack.

I didn’t even think about that, if you knock someone out with the sedative syringe and it wouldn’t count as a body being found that would actually be kinda useful.

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Oh if it was a reward for a challenge pack then it would not be fun. But maybe for getting mastery 7 on the resort (it could just replace some other dumb reskin haha)

Edit: I just noticed the OP said in a challenge pack. My bad.

If it was just filler for a mastery unlock it might be okay but I would imagine there will be cooler things to unlock at the resort. I’m not opposed to it but I’m sure there will be better items IO could give you at the resort.

Edit: there’s nothing wrong with talking about unlocking things through mastery as long as they are already in the game.

I hope you are right about getting cool unlocks.

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