Weekly Community Themed Contracts


What are weekly themed contracts?
So every week a new theme is voted on (it can be as specific or general as people want) and you submit your contracts based around that theme, we pick 3 of the best and they get recreated over all consoles (I have a PS4 and know users with Xbox and PC that are reliable recreators).

Why do weekly contracts?
I know we already have an amazing HMF Contracts topic going on. However, the number of amazingly creative contracts that have come from this months featured contracts is mindblowing.

Also it can be something to do during slow periods between IO content drops. Plus a certain competition is always fun.

This is the format I think the weekly contracts should be released in

Format idea

This is obviously just an idea and depends completely on community interest so feel free to offer any suggestions

If submitting a contract please use this template (thanks IO)
Name of Contract:
Contract ID:
Why the contract should be featured:

Also a thanks to (hopefully this list grows)

@Golem25 for this post that inspired me

@David47 for his continued excellence on Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4) as it showed me how the community can make their own interesting and rewarding content

HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members

I like the general idea. Making themes seemed to ignite alot of creativity at contract makers. Though a big factor could be that people want to get featured. Which would be no factor here.

We could, if this format is somewhat successful here, agree on to push exceptional winners at getting featured. If they also fit the official theme.


Yeah, I agree people make such good contracts for the official featured contracts because getting featured in game is a much larger privilege. But hopefully people also just enjoy making contracts for the community to enjoy :slight_smile:


So next week I decided Tick Tock is the theme. Is it a clock ticking? A bomb? Does that mean a time limit? Or in a clock tower? It’s completely up to you!

HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members

I like this idea as I like all ideas that promote the creation of interesting contracts. What happened to the idea of releasing those some already for the first week of February?
1-02-6637362-10 Inheritance
1-09-6007893-10 Comeback
1-21-9345932-10 Testimony


Oh I released those, but then life stuff came up and I didn’t do anything with it this week :confused:

Edit: I don’t remember if I posted the completed list on the forum, I know I did on reddit. So here it is :sweat_smile:


HITMAN 2 Contracts from HMF members

these look slick as fuck, nice work


Yeah, those were what I’ve seen somewhere, reddit then probably. Really enjoyed Testimony.
If this picks up and we regularly get weekly contracts, it would be nice to have it pinned here and the first post always updated to not lose it in the depths of the forum. :+1:


I played Testimony til’ death do us part

I really enjoyed timing all accident kills perfectly after eachother without having to wait for any loops, all done in 1:25 without having to delete the evidence :sunglasses:

Skip to 2:19 to see it