Weird Graphic glitchy issue

in the menu and cinematics i have no problems but I have this graphic issue when I enter any missions !
You can notice it does affect only the 3D (the intro, the menu and the overlays 3D are normals…)

My computer lenovo legion Y540 with GTX 2060’s latests drivers…

Have you tried to reinstall drivers?
I recommend to do complete uninstall and clean install.

The best way to do that is to download Display Driver Uninstaller utility and unistall the driver using it. But before launching it, boot up in Safe Mode and run utility in it.
After job is done, it will automatically reboot your computer and you can install the driver back.
Though after unistalling don’t forget to boot up in regular mode.
While installing the driver, select advanced install or similar option and then tick Clean Install.
After install is complete, reboot the notebook and try to run the game.

Hope it helps, because personally I don’t see another way to fix that

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thanks i’ll this !!!