Weird save problem

Firstly It doesn’t autosave, doesn’t use autosave slots. Secondly first two manual save slots don’t work for some reason.

I bought Hitman 2 on Steam along with dlcs legacy pack etc.

Any solution/suggestions appreciated.

Go check your Autosave option in the game is on.
Go to Steam settings and tick the first option in Cloud tab.
If that won’t help that easy, use this guide to clean up your Steam Cloud.

If that doesn’t help either, do this:

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Thank you very much, solved with instructions. It was really annoying.

It solved the problem but same problem occur multiple times a session. I end up fixing it repeatedly. Is there any permanent solution?

I did try to disable cloud after fixing it, verified game files, redownloaded, didn’t work same thing again. I think IOI server and steam cloud having conflict somehow. Same first two slots and no autosave. At least fix work temporarily, but it happening over and over again is realy annoying.

Try to install the game on a different disk, preferably on a different physical disk.
It might be the problem with your hard drive.
Also try to do a difragmentation

Will try that thank you.