Weird/strange things in the Hitman games

This is stuff that I’ve found in the games that I consider weird, strange, unusual, or amusing. Of course, there’s the whole ragdoll thing in Silent Assassin and (to a lesser degree) Contracts with the Silverballers (also brought back in Blood Money with the hot-rodded variant), and this is referenced win the WOA games with most sniper rifles and, especially, the Striker.

Now that that’s out of the way, one of the really strange or odd things that I noticed in Contracts is that the micro Uzis seem to be more audible to the play when suppressed vs unsuppressed. That being said, NPCs will react appropriately to suppressed vs unsilenced, though the audio effects seem to be switched as far as loudness.

And there’s the ending cut scene from Terminal Hospitality in Silent Assassin. There, Sergei uses a profanity that’s bleeped out. For a long time (going back to the PS2 era) I found it odd that the word would be bleeped since, one, the subtitle is unedited, and two, the word from the subtitle is said (in Italian) during a cut scene from Gontranno Sanctuary.

However, once I got the PC version and listened to it though earphones, Not just does what I said above apply, but the subtitle doesn’t match what Sergei actually said. Instead of saying the G-D word, Sergei is saying the F-word. Granted, the elephant in the room there is that the use of the F-word wasn’t common in games when SA came out in 2002 (though GTA: Vice City had one use of the word in the Romeo Void song “Never Say Never”, which came out at about the same time as Silent Assassin), that would come in 2003-04 with Postal 2 and GTA; San Andreas.

(Poster’s note: I’m also aware of 1999’s Kingpin: Life of Crime, 1995’s Hong Kong '97, and even 1987’s Explosive Fighter Patton).

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Is that why Tommy rarely screw? :joy:
Oh my mind is filled with the dirty words from CJ and Ryder.
I can’t stop it :joy:

Kinda weird/strange how many instances of suicide there is in the WOA trilogy.


Suicidal targets? If so it makes sense, 47 knows how best to push them over the edge, to get them to commit suicide.

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No, actual suicides without direct intervention, mostly on NPCs (only target that can kill themselves iirc is Alexa Carlisle)
I think it’s a “great” thing to show the impact 47 has on the life of others, but it sure is pretty sad and grim


47’s pockets apparently open into an infinite void where he can stock a dozen hammers, crowbars, pipes and whatnot, but not a single fire poker.