Welcome to Pinecone! (Serious thread) For Venting 🙂

Hello, let’s call this thread the “Pinecone” Clinic. Tell Dr. Greg Thurman all your troubles…

There!..Now that I got that out of my system…:joy:

Seriously now, I just thought maybe it would be helpful to actually have a
(serious thread) where people can discuss things other than video games. Where everyone can come to vent about any real life troubles they are having.

Home life
The loss of a friend or loved one
Anything at all!

I know some people may not feel comfortable talking to “strangers” on the Internet and that’s okay. But hey, it’s cheaper than therapy. Plus some people prefer to tell “strangers” their problems. Some may actually find that eaiser…
But whatever your troubles, feel free to get it off your chest in this thread.

NOTE: Please be considerate to other people’s feelings :slightly_smiling_face:

PLEASE: Be Civil & Don’t judge others.
Show Respect.
Just be kind to one another. Offer helpful advice…and just listen.


Pinecone patients that found…“Clarity” :wink:

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Well I’m currently having to sit back while a second guy since I split with my ex has come into my daughters life. It’s not nice knowing another guy is around your daughter no doubt playing happily families :smirk:. She recently split with one guy like two weeks later she’s with another so my sigh of relief was short lived. Let’s hope this guy is better than the chavy douchebag she was with before, he’s ten years older not sure how I feel about that.

Edit: It’s especially difficult when you never had a choice in not being with the mother of your child.


The new patch pisses me off. 2 things got completely broken, sound and graphics settings. I’m stuck with lowest possible settings although my 780Ti runs everything maxed just fine, and I’m one of the few who actually like the game score. Yet IO runs in and pulls a fast one: The shitshow they call a patch breaks both. Now I can’t eargasm to the violin crescendo in the final test, and am stuck with blurs as textures. Meanwhile everyone praises the patch because of an additional animation. What a fucking shitshow. I’d ask for my money back if Steam allowed it, which it sadly doesn’t.

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I didn’t get the new patch yet. (I’m PS4)

But yeah, while I will probably end up agreeing with you 110% I thought maybe we could keep this thread about issues, other than video games. But that’s fine, there are technically no set topics here :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a place to “Vent” after all lol
Carry on… :smile:

I’m still waiting for my therapy :laughing: This place sucks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Yeah that’s rough man. I personally can’t relate with your situation, but I definitely can see how that would be difficult. My sister is also a single parent and I see how hard that can be for her sometimes.

My nephews dad was a complete ass. Didn’t want nothing to do with his own son. My Nephew is 5 right now, but thankfully my sister found another guy that was in the same situation. He was also a single parent and he and my sister been dating for 5 years now. His name is Dale, he is a really good guy and I’m happy for my sister and I’ll tell ya, he is more of a father to my nephew then his real father could ever hope to be.

But yeah, I’m really sorry to hear that man, that’s definitely gotta be tough. Also, I didn’t know you had a daughter (Congrats bro, that’s awesome) :smiley:

EDIT: still waiting for your therapy? Who do I look like Greg Thurman? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lmao jk!

Yeah come on people, get involved! Help eachother, express yourselves :grinning: Get it all off your chests. Give advice

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Haha I was just joking but thanks for your reply :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. That’s great that she found someone in her situation and she’s happy :slightly_smiling_face:. Yeah it’s not nice but that’s life I guess I have her overnight two/three nights a week she’s two :slightly_smiling_face:. I get to see her as much as like which isn’t a luxury all dads get so that’s something.

Well, at least you show geniune care and do want to be around her. Good dad traits.


Yeah I never understood how parents can live with not seeing their children :neutral_face: but unfortunately it’s a common occurrence.


Yeah true, that’s good you can Atleast see her. And yeah that was really something she found a nice guy that was in the same situation, he has a daughter and her and my nephew are close in age so they really get along with eachother. It’s nice cause now my nephew actually has a father figure in his life, as well as a new “sister”

My sisters bf recently asked her to marry him, so soon my nephew will have a “Step sister” :grinning:
It’s funny how things work out sometimes.
It may be rough now, but things eventually find there place…sometimes for the better too. Just keep your chin up, things will work out. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Exactly what @Lilith said. Yeah! Atleast you WANT to be apart of your daughters life. At least your not a dickwad like my sisters Ex lol that jerk just walked out on her and wanted nothing to do with his own son. Even to this day What a deadbeat! My sister was trying to get sole custody of her son because his own father even admitted he didn’t “want” him. You believe that shit!?..

So yeah, at least you actually want to be a part of your daughters life. That’s a good father in my book!

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Good stuff sounds like a happily ever after :smiley:. Yeah I know things will work out in the end I’m happy with a new girlfriend we live together just need to accept the situation with my daughter as I can’t change it. Thanks for your replies Dr 4T7 :sweat_smile:.

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Dr.4T7 lmao :laughing:

Yeah, all you can do is just be a good father, roll with the punches and be there for her. At least when your daughter is older she will at least know you made an effort and to actually be a part of her life… Unlike my sister Ex. It’s sad because even though my nephew is young he don’t know yet. But when he gets older he will see what a dick his father was/is. It’s a shame. Every child needs a father figure in their life. And eventhough he didn’t get that from his “real” father, I’m just glad he now has a steady father figure in his life now and he’ll see that when he’s older.

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So… My deal is that I have this friend. Whom I like a lot and we have hell of a lot common than anyone else currently. And the thing is that I have helped a lot of people in my life… emotionally and what not. But this friend of mine has a huge barrier that I am unable to cross. Its a very weird relationship, He is diagnosed with depression and boderline personality… and I am like ok not a problem lets deal with this… He doesn’t have other close friends nor does he share anything deep about him with any other person besides me but yet he keeps this strong barrier which I only feel it is there and he says I have opened my self completely to you but I can feel he hasn’t… I provide him solutions and he acknowledges the problems and understands but yet nothing… he gets back to where he started as if he doesn’t wana change and just wine the hell out of himself and just wants someone to pat on his back for shit he keeps doing to himself. Have you heard the song The Outsider by A Perfect circle. Check out its lyrics. that’s exactly I am feeling right now as an outsider. Maybe I am missing something. There was someone with a psyc major here I think he could help me by enlightening me if there is some missing characteristic/behavior for a boderline that I have not come across with. Nothing is in the DSM.

Give it time. Breaking through a barrier of someone who’s locked down themselves needs time and careful approaching. When helping out/acknowledging, relate, or at least pretend to be. I’ve been dealing with a lot of the kind, and it takes time to figure out on how to get closer to them, but usually when relating they’ll lower their guard after a while. Here, patience is key, really. You can’t brute force your way into someone who’s locked down like that.

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True that… I guess everytime I got quick results but this one tested my patience.

You removed your post I didn’t see :frowning2: hope your ok.


Yeah I was actually in the beginning of reading it earlier and it just went totally blank. I only read like 10 words…Hope everything’s good @KrugerSchmidts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Work: fuck work. I work with politicians and they are snakes. Nothing is certain with them, and everyone smiles but backstabs. A lot of system abuse also. This line of work makes you very bitter and cynical

School: What? The only school I know is the school of hard knocks

Home life: Certified homewrecker, years of experience.

Relationships: Too complicated, I only strive for sexual gratification (which I get sporadically)

Addictions: I balance those with prescription and non persciption. I’m just cautious with over the counter stuff because they sometimes lead to unexpected results eg super glue or bleach.

The loss of a friend or loved one: : (. Doesn’t everyone experience this, at some point? Everyone deals with it differently, but everyone shares that these things are hard to come to terms with. I just don’t know. Passing of time alleviates it…somewhat.

Anything at all!: Thank for giving me a platform to express my emotions, but equally fuck you for giving me a platform to express my emotions. What you take me for, some new age hippy?

On a second note I really, really want to play Flatline now, so I shall do that).

@Mr.Reaper: Nowadays families come in different shapes and sizes. In a way it’s better because nothing is worse than being forced to share a house with a person you only had sex with, it often leads to resentment. Kids are smarter than adults give them credit for, as long as you remain a stable presence in your kids life, the impact of your ex relationships will be limited, despite the fact that they are young. At that sort of age their only priority is watching peppa pif, eating chocolate, and playing with toys.

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Sounds like things aren’t going too well right now regarding the loss it doesn’t seem like it but time heals all it just takes some people longer than others. All you can do is keep that person in your heart and in your thoughts. I can imagine politicians being that way all out for themselves no doubt, you find that in most places though unfortunately. Maybe look into a career change if your not happy? It’s not easy but might be worth it in the end. Regarding my ex we both loved each over but are we are both stubborn and hot tempered people and we clashed constantly. We tried and tried but eventually she decided to call it a day for good probably for the best. Yes you are right she loves peppa pig it’s her favourite and also toys and chocolate obviously :smile:.