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I’d rather be free to hate than be bound by the shackles of love

My big right toe is fucked, dudes.

Missing a joint in it like most of my family. Some motherfucker stepped on it accidentally one day, I swear that lad’s foot carried with it the force of Square Enix rushing to get HITMAN out the door. Bled under the nail for a day. That same week someone dropped a dictionary RIGHT ON THAT TOE, bled for a week. Then I knocked it on a hard brick wall, bled for another week. Just a moment ago I was wearing sandals and slightly rubbed the end of my left sandal up onto that toe, tons of bleeding right now.

To make matters worse I have what feels like a freckle that’s under the skin below my left eye that’s been annoying me lately. It’s probably some sort of awful disease that’ll have me dead before 40 (yay!)

Seriously world, stop hurting my toe and face :frowning:

I mean, by the sounds if it you’re just plain unlucky. But when you mention sandals it’s kind of 50/50: I won’t question your fashion sense, but wearing sandals is kind of asking for something like that to happen since there’s noting to protect your toe. Keep your head up though, there’s better days somewhere ahead.

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It wasn’t like I was out in public, was just doing stuff outside the house for a bit. Grass was wet, sandals are easy and quick to put on.

Don’t worry fam, my shoe-game is still top notch.

Have to agree with @Lilith the sandals probably aren’t helping. You should probably invest in some steel toe cap shoes :laughing:.

Ain’t nothing wrong with hippies…:smirk: :v::peace_symbol:
And yeah, we do all have “problems” in our lives, that’s a given. Some people find it helpful to talk about them, others don’t. That’s fine. Nobody is making ya “express yourself” here. It’s up to that person if they wish to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I told my best friend that I like her and she doesn’t want to be friend with me anymore.She says that apparently friendship stops when something like this happens.

This actually happened almost 2 monts ago but I still feel like shit because she really meant a lot to me.Man,life really sucks sometimes,I wish I never met some people…

This is why I don’t get involved with female friendships, for me it has never ended up staying just friends. I know others have plenty and do just fine to each their own, for me it’s just easier to avoid it. Give it time maybe when you find another girl you like and your feelings for her go the two of you can rekindle your friendship.

Ouch, that’s rough. Yeah, I think we all been there at least once in our lives, that sucks. But yeah, how long did you know her for? Did you try talking to her again within those two months?

You should try talking to her and just tell her something like, you didn’t mean to come on to strong, or push her away and that you were just being honest. But also tell her, you’d rather be friends than nothing at all.

And if she still responds the same way, then no offense man, but would you even want to be friends with someone like that? A person who shuts you out just because you were honest with her?

Just give it some more time and see what happens and like @Mr.Reaper said, maybe one day you two will work it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know her for 2 years.The worst thing is I’ve already tried amost everything I could think of.Talking with her on couple of occasions,when she didn’t want to talk to me anymore I sent one of my friends to talk with her.
And I made sure to be as respectable as possible.I’m not going to say exactly what I told her but when I said I like her I told her that because I simply wanted her to know that and I wanted to be honest with her.Sometimes it’s hard to keep secrets,you know…

Important thing-never in those two years did I insult her or said anything bad to her or about her.Not even in this situation.
I’m not gonna lie though,I’m fucking angry.I was angry two months ago and I still am because I simply don’t understand how can you hang out with someone almost every single day and then just make everything stop.
I mean,Jesus Christ,I told her that I like her,I didn’t murder her whole family-she could at least say hello to me on the street,not ignore me like I never existed

Also,all this is done.It simply is (and she stated many times that nothing will change because of what I told her),and that’s hardest part for me because I simply can’t accept that.

You know the problem…Its that You are a nice guy. A marriage material, a real gentleman. But they don’t want this… they want Assholes who treat them like shit. When they are facing Mid Life Crisis They’d be Runnin looking for guys like you to settle down.

Like I said,I tried almost everything just so we could stay friends.I told her that I never used her (and I didn’t) and that I never pretended to be her friend just so I could be with her.
I mean the first time I met her,I didn’t even like her.
But as we got closer and closer I started liking her more and more.It just fucking happened,what can I do?

Like I also said,I tried to be as respectable as possible.Never did I tell her to break up with her boyfriend or to be with me because I knew what an answer would be. I told her that I like her and that I’m not expecting anything in return because I perfectly understood whole situation-she has a boyfriend for almost a year.Cool.
I just had to get that off my chest and stay friends.Nothing more.

Thanks for help guys

No,he lives in another town and they don’t see each other that much.
She made a decision herself and said no matter how much of a good friend someone is to her if something like this happens friendship has to stop…

…which makes zero fucking sense to me honestly,but I guess it is what it is.
She was always very reasonable when we were friends so it was a big suprise to me when I heard her say this.

I lost a person that meant most to me.Awesome :sunglasses:

I have only one friend now who I hang out with ocassionally.I always had about 3 or 4 close friends,don’t like hanging out with a lot of people…
I’ve been lone wolf myself for a long time and am again,but I’m kinda getting used to being alone.

What makes stuff harder for me is that we’re going in same school and same class so seeing her everyday and not talking with her all the time like I did before is just tough.
I just can’t forget stuff that easily and find a girlfriend.Nor do I want to right now.

Oh god. The “nice guy” myth is such bullshit, I’m sorry. It’s a slippery slope because if someone starts thinking girls don’t like them because they’re “too nice”, it can lead to said people feeling they are entitled to the affections of a woman if they’re nice enough to them. As if women are just commodities that if you put enough time, money and effort into, they’ll eventually fall in love with you. That’s not how it works.

Anyway, @AGENT_58 - Unrequited love sucks, but it’s also something many young people go through. What’s important is not to get too hung up on it, or let yourself get overcome with anger about the situation because in a year’s time (probably a matter of months even) you won’t even think about it anymore. Just keep your chin up and you’ll feel better before you know it. :slight_smile:

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I can’t believe what I’m reading here.

It seems as if some of you think of women as if they were mythological fairy-like creatures, with lovely cushions of air underneath the soles of their feet.

Face it, you got friendzoned. Learn from it and distance yourself from her. Plenty more fish in the sea.

Also, I don’t have female friends, because if a female is worth my time or even just casual communication I’ll make it clear from the start that if she’s up for it, we can hit it off.

Tl;dr: Don’t get friendzoned

Edit: Holy shit @quinn, exactly my thoughts.

Do you have sex with them too?

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That’s really fucking disturbing.

I just don’t like socializing with females, only exception when they are work colleagues or something.

But personally not worth the hassle imo

Thanks for help,but honestly now that I think about it two months have passed and I don’t feel any better.

We’re seeing each other almost every day.Not thinking about that stuff is impossible.

Also,just to be clear-I don’t see myself as a perfect guy or whatever and I never acted like that thinking that I deserve someone for no reason.
Just the whole argument about friendship that stops when one person starts liking other drives me crazy.

[quote=“Junglist, post:40, topic:6311”]
Face it, you got friendzoned.
[/quote]No,I’m pretty sure I didn’t since we’re not friends anymore.

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